Romney is rich — so what?

It was certainly a bad week for GOP front-runner Mitt Romney. He admitted he pays about a 15 percent tax rate, has a net worth of about $250 million (a "quarter-billionaire!" as one news wag put it) and he earned about $375,000 from speaking engagements, an amount the candidate characterized as "not very much."

The Obama re-election crew no doubt took all these things down for future reference.

But come next November it won’t do the president much good when work-a-day people go to the polls.

Yes, the Romney revelations were poorly presented. But let’s face it, we all know Romney is a rich guy. Did any of us think he was paying taxes at the 35 percent tax rate? Hell no. Warren Buffett told us that.

What we do know is that at the current economic trajectory brought to us by Obama, our children face diminished prospects for life, liberty and pursuit of happiness compared to what we did. That will be the defining issue in the end.

So what if Romney is rich? If Obama tries to make that his central theme for re-election, he’ll lose.

Romney wants us all to be more prosperous and self-reliant.  Obama, meanwhile, wants to increase reliance on government welfare by placing higher burdens on the middle-class and the rich.

So, Obamatrons can get all tingly about running against a "rich" man. But be careful what you wish for. Americans hope for the best for their children. If you put the Romney model and the Obama model to the taste test, the overwhelming majority will pick the first, not the latter.

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