Rory Reid gets the question right: Jobs, jobs, jobs

Rory Reid got off on the right foot with his bid for governor yesterday by making jobs and diversification the key topics.

They are the big problems we must solve, upon that we can all agree.

It’s the answers that spark disagreement.

Reid brings to the table the 2009 boilerplate Democrat approach to economic growth and balancing the budget — green jobs, captial access for small business, improve schools and training and higher taxes for mining and "out-of-state big box retailers" (Wal-Mart).

Will that do it? Is that going to bring Nevada back from the edge? Will that get people back to work, reduce foreclosures and thereby (one day) restore value to people’s homes?

I’m having trouble making that connection. But Rory in my experience is an earnest guy. An honest guy. I look forward to posing those questions to him and trying to better understand his thinking.

For now, I say he at least has the question right. We need jobs. We need jobs diversified from gaming.

And the people said: Amen and amen.

 Sidebar: I fail to grasp the economics of green jobs in Nevada. Seems to me we create a modest number of jobs in the initial stage, then the proposition drops back to a relatively low number of jobs that in the end creates   energy that is substantially more expensive than traditional energy production. If the play is to build these alternate energy pockets and then sell the high-priced energy to California (which has laws that mandate it use a certain percentage of green energy), then what happens if California, stressed with financial woes, changes that law? Will the federal government mandate it?

I must be missing a key piece of information because every time I look at green jobs something doesn’t quite add up.

Correction: In this blog I inadvertently transferred the tax ideas of Launce Rake with the Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada to Rory Reid. In specific, the ideas of taxing mining and big box retailers. I looking forward to meeting with Rory soon to discuss his thoughts on the direction for Nevada should he get elected governor in 2010. In the meanwhile, if you follow the link in the blog, however, you’ll get the proper context of who said what.

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