Sanders, Trump win Hawaii caucuses

Washington — The Associated Press is reporting that Bernie Sanders has won the Democratic presidential caucuses in Hawaii. Hawaii has a total of 35 delegates going to the Democratic National Convention. Of those, 10 are superdelegates who are not constrained by the Hawaii caucus and can vote for whatever candidate they want. The other 25 delegates will be allocated according to a proportion of the caucus votes.

At 1 a.m. the political website Politico reported that wiith 87.8% of the results in, Bernie Sanders had 22,661 or 70.6% of caucus votes, while Hillary Clinton had 9,377 caucus votes or 29.2%.

Politico also reported that in the Republican caucus with 100% of the results in, Donald Trump received 42.4 % or 5,677 votes, Ted Cruz received 32.7% or 4,379 votes, and John Kasich received 10.6% or 1,413 votes.

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