Sandoval’s Show: Sez Who? Sez You!

Many observers gave Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval high marks for Monday’s State of the State address. Of course, Nevada’s thousands of hard-working public school teachers probably weren’t among them.

My column on the subject generated plenty of response, including these remarks in the latest edition of “Sez Who? Sez You!”


J.M. Boster writes, “I would be certain your ‘deeper vision’ and ‘broader definition’ would start with tax increases in order to grow government, increase regulation and ensure your union supporters remain well-heeled. No thank you. You and those sharing your philosophies are economically clueless. Sandoval’s remedies are largely spot on.”

Ed Rich: “I watch the Gov. last night. The state… all states are in a mess. I feel the number one problem in the country is the unions… especially teachers unions. All they do is complain… (My best year was $22,000.00). I did my best & kept quiet.

“I have little or no respect for teachers. I have never voted for a school issue because of the unions & teachers who are over paid.

“My granddaughter went back to class at CCN today after 30 days off. WHAT ? 30 days… I’m sure the teachers were paid for every day off.

“And take the time to listen to the high school kids. Like I’m going to the like movie like tonight like I hope it is like a good like movie. WoW A generation of grammar-less kids.

“Cell phones, DVD’s, cars, Video games, free lunch, driven to class…etc, and still most can hardly make it…with reading etc.”

Ken Jarvis: “The RJ is still BLOCKING DISCUSSION of a Sales tax on Advertising – STONA – that would bring in, at least, $300 Million per year.

“I thought the RJ was going to Change. What happened to THAT IDEA?”

Gerald Carrick: “Las Vegas the home of the $50,000 a year hand towel changer and ULNA home to Diana Titus, not need for 2 years, rehired for $107,000.00 to teach one class.”

Steve Roper: “I’m sorry you’re an idiot, but that’s newspaper employees for ya.”

Al Mikal: “So I guess your recommendation is to raise taxes? Great. That’ll definitely help the economy. I got an idea. Since you’re such a smart guy and you know higher taxes will be good, why don’t you and the other libs. just contribute more of your salary. Let us know how that works out. Its done wonders for states like California with the “broad based” tax system liberals love so much.”

David Van Zanten: “Hey, I enjoy your column very much. I see how hard you work. If you were a teacher, under the current system, there’d be little incentive for you to bust your hump the way you do once you had tenure (or were off probation). My wife’s a speech pathologist in the school system, and the stories she tells of people not doing their job! But most can’t be fired and just keep moving forward. Another friend works at the V.A. hospital, and tells the story of someone pushing a cart laden with new flat screen computer monitors down the aisle by the offices and say, "Who wants one?" My friend said, "Sure," even though his monitor was only about a year old. Does some of this waste of wages and capital happen in private enterprise? Of course. But not to the degree it occurs in the public sector. I hope that Sandoval has some success weeding out the ‘bad’ in the system and keeping the good. Parochial schools do a lot more for a lot less, for instance. Other countries do more with less. Money well invested in the schools is great, but when poorly invested, it hurts us all. Same goes for all state agencies, for sure.

“Keep up the good work! If our students can be as motivated toward learning as you are toward writing, then we’ll have something.”

Rich Simms: The constant cry of money for education is bunk! Check Utah’s ratio, and they are scholastically successful.

“We in Nevada suffer for three reason; parents who do not participate in the child’s education, failure to analyze and segregate children into achievable levels, and a bloated administration.

“As Clark County represents the majority of our pupils, it is also responsible for the bigger part of our learning scores. We in the area posses too many illegals, who are afraid, working, or do not understand our process. Although the desire may be there, it is next to impossible for them to contribute; no grasp of understanding the system, fear of exposure, or plain lack of interest. This holds true of the student who is an offspring of a missing or uncaring parent. Let us not forget the household who does not check homework, or talk to their child regarding challenges and problems. A teacher can do just so much.

“As to the segregation of achievable academic levels, this is the way it was back in the New York School System during the fifties and sixties. Classes five one were able to grasp at a quicker level than five four. It was a challenge to rise from four to one. There was a reason to study. The pupils who were short in math and the sciences were encouraged to venture into other avenues at a lesser level or offered tech school. EVERYONE profited. Where did that fall off the track? Thank you Washington.

“Finally, the bloated administration is a gift from both Washington meddling in OUR education system, and a position creating, vote getting political machine.

“I am not republican, rightists, leftists, or democrat. I am a middle of the road American that lived when the country worked, and would like for us to reach back, grabbing some of the good things. Don’t you want the best for your daughter. I know I worry about my grandchildren.”

Jo Anne Bykowski: “John … about your column … you should’ve stayed a sports writer.”

There are days when I couldn’t agree more.

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