Sez Who? Sez You! Reactions to the burger business column

Some of you are ravenous. Not for the late, lamented burgers of Kilroy’s, but for a piece of my hide after Tuesday’s column that dared to allowed a small business owner to lament his lot in life.

While I see a doctor and get sutured up, enjoy a few responses in the latest edition of Sez Who? Sez You!

From Karla: I know the news or columns are never without some slant, however a cliff is something else and it is where this bar owner is sending little working people by his comments about having to pay an extra dollar an hour.

Please note:  It wasn’t the cost of health care which over the past 20 years have increased about 500%.  For certain it wasn’t rising gas prices over the past few years that have been passed onto food costs which have sky rocketed. Think about it:  For a full time employee working 40 hours a week its about $160.00 a month per employee.  He was paying more for the increase in health insurance and never complained.  I hope the rest of their stores go bankrupt if this is what he thinks of Nevada workers, that are sometimes even his customers while holding gas/electric and insurance companies in high esteem and NOT part of his critical overhead.

Let us not forget about the gaming taxes that are so LOW compared to everywhere else if he is on a split with the slot machine vendors.

You need to take that article back. Its not an accurate picture of the costs facing small businesses and not a good tactic to cannibalize your neighbors and customers.

From Richard: Your column of Feb 22 giving the reasons for Kilroy’s closing seemed a little far-fetched.

I liked Kilroy’s a lot, but getting there was a real pain. The corner they were on was too hard to get in and out of and their parking lot was too small. While their burgers were excellent, the price was too high and the sides were just too much food for the average person to eat. I feel that their location and parking contributed more than anything to them going out of business.

From Gary: I’m the chef of (name removed), another place that serves great burgers. We struggle with those issues daily. It was one knock out punch after another for small business as stated in your article.

We have certainly seen what government does to small business. I have been unable to give my cooks a raise cause Politicians say people making $6.55 an hour plus $200 a day in tips were not fairly compensated. My cooks haven’t received a raise in over 3 years. They make about $400 a week before uncle Sam takes his share…… 5 years ago I was awarding yearly $1 an hour raises to deserving cooks and we provided free meals and health insurance. Government action took that freedom from us.

We cry for fellow business owners struggling and closing weekly.

(Name removed) still employees 150 people. We have hard choices to make.

We are waiting for the next punch called inflation. How bout that quantitative easing huh?

Oh the unintended consequences forced upon us by politicians with good intentions.

From Bruce: God I loved the Mushroom Burgers at Kilroy’s. Sad news.

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