Southwest Las Vegas Borders closure upsetting residents

The sign at the entrance reads "Going out of Business."

Rows of empty shelves and signs advertising deep discounts for leftover stock line the inside of the once-proud location , a favorite place to hang out, read and gather with friends for southwest Las Vegas resident Phyllis Conkle.

The southwest-area Borders was a self-professed home away from home for the former English teacher, who said she is more than sad that the store is closing by the end of this month — she’s livid.

"It’s a reality, but it stinks if you live in the southwest part of the valley, where there are no other big chain booksellers — you’re just out of luck," she said. "The corporate people at Borders really didn’t think this one through. But what do I know? I’m just a faithful customer and avid reader. Why should what I think matter?"

Borders filed for bankruptcy in mid-February, announcing that the 40-year-old company would be closing 200 stores across the country.

The only location in Las Vegas location to be shut down will be the 2323 S. Decatur Blvd. location, which was a favorite for many.

The store has been perhaps best known for it s large selection of bargain-priced books, according to Conkle. "We have enjoyed serving the many customers who have shopped this store over the years," the statement reads.

Conkle said she can’t understand why the people who run Borders would choose to close a store in a part of the valley where there are no competing stores near by.

"Seems like a no-brainer to me," she said. "If there’s not another store around, you’re going to have a pretty good business going. But I guess they know something I don’t."

Calls requesting comments from the bookseller’s corporate offices were not returned, while employees at the soon-to-be-closed location declined to comment.

The company is attempting to emerge from bankruptcy smaller and more profitable, according to one store clerk who declined to give his name.

Conkle said she has taken to buying books at a local grocery store instead of traveling across the valley to another Borders.

" I’m sure that I’m not the only one, either," she said. "They have to be losing a lot of faithful customers by closing this store. There are any number of other stores across the valley that would have been a better choice. I’m taking it personally. Do your research, people. It would clearly be more lucrative to keep a store open in an area of town where there is no competition."

Bonita Palm said she had driven from the northwest side of the valley in late March to take advantage of the store’s going-out-of-business discounts.

"I’ve been to this location once before and wasn’t impressed then," she said. "The staff was nice enough, but it had a dingy feel to it, and it’s smaller than the one s I’m used to. I can see why they decided to shut down this location."

Nearby resident Sherrie Palm said she was sad to see the store close.

"I think it’s almost like the end of an era," she said. "A sign of the times, I guess. Nothing is safe. Even the big-brand stuff could close tomorrow."

Palm said she probably could frequent one of the other Borders stores in the valley but won’t because none is close to her Spring Valley home.

" I will probably almost exclusively purchase my books online now," she said. "Maybe I will invest in a Kindle or something."

Contact Southwest and Spring Valley View reporter Amanda Llewellyn at or 380-4535.

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