Take Biden, the coward, off the ticket

In a most peculiar campaign ad, Team Obama makes the invisible case that Mitt Romney might not have pulled the trigger to kill Osama bin Laden and therefore he’s not the right guy to be president.

Leave aside the weirdness of that argument for now (you can catch more of my spin on that here). Let’s go with the thought process of Obama’s thinking — and I use "thought process" and "Obama’s thinking" loosely.

Obama made the right call. Romney wasn’t involved, so therefore it is possible he might not have made the same call. OK, if you want to pick a president based on make-believe scenarios and big invisible rabbits, be my guest. Had McCain won, for example, maybe Osama would have been dead by Jan. 30, 2009. It’s Obama’s make-believe world. We can say anything we want.

What we can’t do is make up your own facts. The fact is that on the night Team Obama sat down to decide whether to go or not to go, Vice President Joe Biden told the president NOT to go. And he said so not based on courage or anything related to the merits of the mission, but based on the idea that if something went wrong it would have negative consequences politically.

If anybody doesn’t have the right stuff to be president, it’s Joe Biden. Or, so goes the "thinking" of the president’s own campaign. Yet, Obama keeps him on the ticket. Why?

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