‘The Girl Who Could Fly’ great summer reading

  When Piper McCloud learns she can fly, she doesn’t realize that the talent that comes naturally to her could brand her a freak and make other people afraid of her.
  But she finds out soon enough as gossip spreads and all the townsfolk stay away from her, making it impossible for her to make a single friend. Not a single one.
  Her ma forbids her from flying, and it’s all Piper can do to keep her feet on the ground, but that doesn’t last for long, as the joy she feels when in the air is too much to be denied.
  As word spreads about Piper’s ability, who comes calling but Dr. Letitia Hellion, the director of a top-secret school for children with special abilities.
  Piper has never been to school before, since her ma kept her home in an effort to keep the girl’s flying under wraps. Now, faced with having to leave her ma and pa, she’s not sure she should go.
  Her ma tells her, “Ain’t nothing in this life comes easy to any of us, child. Every road you walk down’s got a price. Sooner you learn that the better. Don’t matter the direction you go, there’ll be some bad mixed in with the good and you just gotta learn to take the one with the other. … You done went and chose your path and there ain’t nothing your pa and I can do about it now.”
  With that Piper is swept off to school. Nervous and unsure of herself at first, Piper is excited to find she has much in common with the other kids. One has superstrength, one is a supergenius, one can move things with her mind.
  But the longer she stays at the school, the more she realizes that something isn’t quite right. Piper must use all her courage and band together with the other kids to uncover the truth hiding in the unusual institution and Dr. Hellion’s real plans for the children’s futures.
  Victoria Forester’s “The Girl Who Could Fly” is a great adventure to keep kids reading through the summer. (And it’s a quick, fun poolside read for adults as well!)

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