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With Halloween quickly approaching, it’s imperative to be on high-alert for lurking ghouls, ghosts and even werewolves. To help you be on guard from these frightful creatures, FindtheHome ranked the definitive list of werewolf-friendly cities.

In order to determine how welcoming a city would be to werewolves, the following factors were taken into consideration:

  • Cities with a population of 110,000
  • Dog-friendliness (of course)
  • Low number of gun shops
  • Low prevalence of silver-producing companies
  • Low population density 

How werewolf-friendly is Nevada?

As legend has it — or as the Hugh Jackman-led film “Van Helsing” taught us — werewolves are vulnerable to silver. With that in mind, one would have to assume that Nevada — “the Silver State” — would be completely werewolf-free, but that wasn’t necessarily the case.

Although there were some areas where Nevadans are less likely to find werewolves creeping around their backyards, the majority of the state wasn’t so lucky. 

At a “werewolf index” of 85.5, Eureka County has the lowest chance of cohabiting with werewolves.

With indexes of 95.9 and 99.1, both Washoe (the Reno-Sparks area) and Clark County (the Las Vegas metro area) are almost positively going to find the cursed man-beasts hunting around their neck of the woods, according to FindTheHome.

In FindtheHome’s previous ranking of best places to raise a dog, Winchester came in the top 10 best places at number nine. As such, as welcoming as Nevadans are to dogs, they assume we would probably be just as welcoming to these spooky canine creatures. 

Cities most likely to have werewolves lurking around

Perhaps it’s due to the world-famous Southern hospitality or access to swampy areas, but the majority of cities most likely to welcome werewolves were located down South. 

Rounding out the top 10 cities was Lexington, Ky. The area, known for its sprawling luxurious thoroughbred racing farms, only has a dog-friendliness of 80.0. And, on the scale of silver-producing companies, they only earned a 0.1.

Right in the middle at number five was Lafayette, La.,. Slightly above Lexington, Lafayette’s dog-friendliness sits at 81.2. However, in terms of silver manufacturing, they clocked in at 0.

Breaking the trend of Southern cities, the top three — Irvine, Calif., Scottsdale, Ariz, and Salt Lake City — were all located out west. 

Check out how all the other counties did below. 

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