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Ultrasound effect: Babies are babies

The newest polling gauging whether Americans identify themselves as "pro-choice" or "pro-life" finds the fewest people ever (41 percent) siding with the "pro-choice" label.

What this means, as I have said in previous posts, is that technology is now siding with those how refuse to play name games with that thing inside a pregnant woman. On this day, it’s legally a "fetus" which can be disposed of like a bag of hamburger. But on this day — voila! — it’s baby, precious and automatically instilled with the civil rights of all human life.

Call it the "Ultrasound Effect." Those pictures, which are becoming ever more clear and stunningly show that, indeed, that’s a baby in there, not a bag of hamburger.

You’d like to think that this progression would bring to bear some soul searching on the part of politicians who say they are "Mormon" or "Catholic" and therefore do not approve of abortion, but then turn around in their public lives and facilitate with all their political being the widespread government offering of abortion — especially to the poor and minority communities.

Guys like Sen. Harry Reid, to name just one such troubled being, say they’ve "evolved" on the issue of gay marriage, but remain firmly attached to the abortion machine that is Democratic politics.

They are on the wrong side of the American public and the moral concept that every human being is endowed with dignity that must be protected in a just society. You can bet that fewer and fewer Americans will identify themselves at "pro-choice" in the future because technology is each and every day proving to the "pro-choice" crowd that babies are babies.

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