VIDEO: This is the best overview of video games in some time

The intrinsic problem with journalists who do MAJOR COMMENTARY about video games is that they try to sum up everything about games in one fell swoop, almost always focusing on the negative. That daft plan would be akin to summing up the entirety of Western literature in one 500-word news story. "Dear news consumer, there is a lot of disturbing violence in Shakespeare, War and Peace and the Bible. Who knew? Where are your children? … Now stay tuned for this week’s C.S.I." Such is the idiocy of many idiotic idiots in the news media.

That said, here is one of the best overview videos I’ve ever seen on games. It’s funny, poignant and biting, and mostly dead on. Obviously, it’s British. Now to the rest of the media, I say: Stop doing overviews of video games. The only way to cover games is the way I do, week by week in the Review-Journal and in my syndicated column around America, or month-by-month in a magazine, or in a good online magazine site, of which there are three or four. And if you, media dolts, decide to buck my WORD and do more overviews of gaming, then I submit that you also do 500-word overview stories on the meaning of life and which is the one true religion.

(Oh. And "Manhunt 2" is a great game.)

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