War on terror: So far, so good

If the first week is any indication, America’s terrorist enemies have little to celebrate. President Barack Obama looks like he’s going to be just as tough on them as, dare I say, President Bush.

I can almost hear the anti-war crowd gasp. But that’s the truth based on the first few days of the war under the Obama Administration.

First, let’s remember that the war in Iraq (often called "Bush’s war" by Democrats) was won last year. Obama now plans to wind down the military effort there over the next year and put the heat on our efforts in Afghanistan. We’ll still have a security presence in Iraq for the next generation or so but the fightin’ war is moving to the rugged mountains between Afghanistan and Pakistan. And Obama, to his credit, does not appear bashful in allowing American soldiers to chase down the enemy no matter which side of the border they flee.

This week Obama deployed more troops to Afghanistan. Last weekend we sent missions into Pakistan and, I have no doubt, we’ve engaged the enemy in ways that have not yet hit the newspapers. You can bet that the boys at Nellis are logging some big hours behind the controls of the drones looking for caves with a tall guy in a beard.

Vice President Joe Biden warned Americans to stand by for an increased number of casualties as the Afghan battles heat up.

But perhaps the best way to know that Obama is aggressively prosecuting the War on terror is to note the increasing voices of critics. Over the weekend none other than Afghan President Hamid Karzai criticized Obama’s war when U.S. soldiers killed or injured 16 civilians.

Karzia said the deaths are "strengthening the terrorists."

Can the New York Times be far behind in writing an alleged think piece comparing Afghanistan to Viet Nam? Who will be the first to use the word "quagmire"?

And, of course, I suppose we can expect Sen. Harry Reid, D-The-War-Is-Lost, to square up on Obama in Afghanistan like he did with Bush in Iraq. No?

Look, folks. This is war. It is the same war this week as it was last week. President Obama rightly named it so in his inauguration speech and he’s followed up those words with deeds.

Give Obama credit. In the first week of his presidency, he fights terrorists (and elements of his own party) for the good of America.

So far, so good.

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