Welcome to Vegas, Mr. President — please don’t kill any more of our jobs

Despite the rhetoric of late, President Barack Obama and the Democrats in Congress have done nothing more than throw money away in PR efforts to show that they really, really know how to create jobs.

Yesterday, for example, the president used a Home Depot store as a back drop to talk about his job programs — "Cash for Caulkers" and other ineffective and misguided federal welfare programs. With each passing day, the president demonstrates that he and his party don’t fully comprehend the tie between deficit spending, taxes and private job creation.

They try to talk a good game, however. White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said that the Home Depot photo op was to show that job creation efforts are "central to every single thing we do."

Central to every single thing they do? What a joke. How does health care "reform" legislation, which has consumed the administration for at least 50% of the time Obama’s been in office, equate to job creation? It doesn’t. If anything it is a job destroyer in that it adds to the debt, which requires higher taxation.

Yet, you can bet that when the president visits Las Vegas, as he is expected to do soon, that same talking point will be used.  With the political corpse that is Sen. Harry Reid in tow, the president will use City Center like Home Depot. He’ll drop in and try to make the case that everything he does is "central" to job creation.

 Will he apologize for his remark earlier in the year that tainted convention and business travel to Las Vegas and cost this city hundreds, if not thousands of jobs?

No. A simple apology from this president seems too much to ask. Instead, he’ll pretend like that slur never happened and stand amid the glory of City Center and try to take a little credit for this private enterprise miracle.

Could it be more pathetic? Sure. The president could put his arm around Harry, hold up a caulking gun, and announce a multi-billion dollar government project to make the new, state-of-the-art "green" resort even more energy efficient, thus "creating or saving" another 4,000 voters (er, jobs) in Nevada.

 I shouldn’t joke about that. Given what the president and Sen. Reid really know about job creation in the private sector, they might steal the idea.

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