Who you gonna call … Obama!

The Obama administration’s handling of the economy, I am sorry to say, increasingly reminds me of the movie "Ghostbusters".

Remember the scene when Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray characters encounter a ghost in the public library? It looks like a nice, old librarian. They make contact, but the ghost ignores them.

Aykroyd says: "OK. OK. I got it. I know what to do. Stay close. I have a plan."

They move closer to the apparition. Aykroyd whispers to Murray: "Okay, now do exactly as I say. Everybody ready?"

Aykroyd then shouts: "GET HER!"

The librarian ghost turns into a raging demon and blasts them with a rush of hot breath and mouths the single word: "QUIET".

Aykroyd and Murray scream and fall backwards. Afterward Murray (with a look and tone that is only Bill Murray’s) looks at Aykroyd and says:

"Get her?" That was your whole plan?"

America’s in a tough economic spot. Obama promised he could fix it. But it is getting clearer to me that his campaign assurances are more a ghost than real. He didn’t have a clue then … or now. He’s makin’ it  up as he goes.

You can argue that McCain didn’t have a clue, either. You can also argue how many angels dance on the head of a pin.

The fact is here we and future generations stand, following as the Obama Administration encounters economic demons. Maybe the improv will work. Maybe it won’t. But I gotta tell you, with each passing day I just want to turn to President Obama and his alleged financial gurus as they "reveal" their "plans" and yell:

"That was your whole plan?"

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