Who’s your daddy? II

Erin Neff (see previous blog item) today begrudgingly admits she may have erred in alleging that R-J Ad Director Bob Brown gave $1,000 in 1999 to a congressional candidate. She says she’ll take me at my word when I say it is not the same Bob Brown. Look, Erin, you don’t need to take me at my word. Get off your rump and check your facts. In this case, one simple phone call to Bob Brown (you remember him … you worked with him for how many years?) of the R-J would have produced the truth that he didn’t even live in Nevada in 1999. Erin just looked at the name and in her zealous mission to discredit the newspaper jumped to a conclusion. The proof of that is that Erin’s mission of media scrutiny only involves the R-J. She did nothing — and intends to do nothing — with other media organizations. Why? Because her mission is a political task geared to smear anyone who does not adhere to the political philosophy of her backers.

That brings me to her other admission. Neff came clean (only after I called her on it) with how Harry Reid financially seeded her web site. She tries to deflect that fact by saying a spin off web site has one set of books and the founding organization had a second set of books. And, to further embarrass herself, says Harry Reid only helped her get started by contributing 4% of the total collected and, therefore, she could not be "bought and sold for so little".

Really, Erin? That’s the mea culpa for failure to disclose the financial genesis of your effort?

But, for giggles, let’s go with that lame excuse. So, how many sets of books are there? Who else besides Reid is funding it? And, at what point can you be bought? 5%? 25%?

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