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Vegas Nation Fan Zone FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my password or email address? 

I forgot my password, how can I update it

How do I subscribe or unsubscribe from messages?

Do you need a subscription to reviewjournal.com to participate?

  • No, you do not need a subscription to post and read messages. If you would like to subscribe to reviewjournal.com, click here.

What is a follower?

  • If you follow a user, or someone follows you, you will receive notifications when that person posts in the forum. 

What is a following? 

Why isn’t my post showing up?

  • Posts that contain any of the phrases in the blacklist will be held for moderation.

How do I delete my account? 

How do I update my profile?

  • When you are logged in, click on your photo in the upper right and click Profile. Then click EDIT PROFILE.

For any other questions or comments, email: vegasnationforum@reviewjournal.com

For more help, check the Community site here: and link to https://community.tribe.so/