Green Verdant Projects

The State of Green Remodeling

• 87 percent of remodelers surveyed by NAHB already incorporate low-e windows into their projects; 70 percent upgrade existing insulation; 60 percent install argon gas windows.

• More than 80 percent of remodelers use alternatives to dimension lumber to minimize the amount of lumber taken from old-growth forests, such as recycling from previous structures and using engineered lumber.

• 91 percent of remodelers use energy-efficient windows; 86 percent install Energy Star-rated appliances.

• 70 percent of remodelers already incorporate recycled or recyclable materials into their projects.

• 72 percent of consumers report energy-efficient features in a home would influence their purchasing decision; 61 percent would spend more than $5,000 up front to save on utility costs.

Why Go Green

Increasing energy efficiency can offset the monthly costs of a home equity loan by dramatically lowering energy bills. Green remodeling can adapt a home to regional conditions, provide increased comfort and make a home easier and less expensive to maintain using properly installed, durable products.

Top Ways to Increase Energy Efficiency

• Install appropriate insulation in remodel area.

• Install high-efficiency windows.

• Seal all exterior penetrations in remodel area.

• Purchase only Energy Star-rated appliances.

• Install only low-flow fixtures.