Panguitch, Utah, a hub for outdoor exploration

Set in a lovely valley between high, forested plateaus, historic Panguitch is central to many scenic and recreational attractions in Southern Utah. A hub for exploring state and national parks, national forests and scenic byways, Panguitch serves tourists and outdoor enthusiasts year-round.

Financial stresses challenge UNLV law school

In a state with few higher education bragging rights, UNLV’s first-tier law school produces graduates that are in demand locally, with students doing well on the state bar exam. But the school’s success could plummet quickly if something isn’t done about the dearth in its budget.


UNLV revises tax initiative analysis

A UNLV research center on Tuesday issued a “more realistic” analysis of the impact of a proposed 2 percent state margins tax on business, but still concluded it could create thousands of new jobs.

Gay marriage decision could hit Nevada quickly

A ruling from the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals finding Nevada’s ban on same-sex marriage unconstitutional could almost immediately open the floodgates to gay unions across the state, a legal analyst involved in the challenge said Wednesday.

Accused “Thunder” attacker says lawyer conspired against him

Joey Kadmiri thinks everyone is out to get him. The 25-year-old charged with trying to steal props, costumes and underwear from the brawny men of “Thunder From Down Under” fired his lawyer, whom he believes is working with prosecutors office to put him behind bars for life.



Utah women fight ‘objectifying’ Carl’s Jr. ads

A pair of Utah women dedicated to pushing back against the objectification of women say Carl’s Jr. has gone too far with its long-running line of TV ads featuring women in bikinis eating the company’s burgers in seductive poses.