Ascuaga resigns from the Nevada Gaming Commission

Nevada Gaming Commission member Michonne Ascuaga resigned from the regulatory panel Friday, a day after it was revealed in a court filing that the Northern Nevada casino she managed for 16 years is under a federal investigation for failing to implement effective anti-money laundering programs.





15 ways being in debt can haunt you

Being in debt is about more than simply having to pay money back to bankers. The financial burden causes you to delay life plans and creates stress that affects your overall health.

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LETTERS: RJ errs by running High Roller article

Who approved printing sex tips for those riding the High Roller? ("'s 11 vital tips for having sex on the High Roller," Wednesday Review-Journal). Encouraging illegal behavior should not be happening in your newspaper.

Challengers can't conjure plan to top Trump

Even though everyone has expected for weeks that Donald Trump would win the New Hampshire Republican primary, the scale of that win should unsettle both his rivals and the pundits.