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Bay laurel a bad choice of trees

Question: On the north side of our house, we have a 10-foot-wide space we are trying to landscape. Several have suggested planting bay laurel trees, but we are concerned about the tree’s size for the space. When we went to the nursery, their suggestion was the Majestic Beauty hawthorn tree. Will the hawthorn tree do well in our climate and soils?

Belligerent Bermudagrass tough to destroy

Question: I have a small fescue lawn that is being taken over by what appears to be Bermudagrass or some type of large-blade thick, dense grass that is much greener and thicker than the fescue grass.

Pluot gumming can be from borers, sunburn

Question: We planted a pluot this past spring along with four peach trees of different varieties. The pluot just started oozing sap or gumming on the lower truck.

Citrus persnickety especially when young

Question: We have a question about our 5 to 6 year old naval orange tree. For the past 2 to 3 years, we left the fruit on the tree until the weather man said freezing temperatures were coming. But with just cold nights, the fruit seems to dry out. Can we pick the fruit early and let the oranges ripen in the house?

Coir matting normal in some palms

Question: I have “burlap” growing between the fronds at the trunk of my 4-year-old male date palm. They look awful and are difficult to manage. Please advise.

Quince takes planting care in valley

Question: For many years, my family has had access to wild, abandoned quince bushes in the east San Francisco Bay area. We have since moved from there and see that you list this fruit as a tree that may survive here in the Las Vegas area with the proper soil.

Indoor plants are a personal choice

Question: Can you recommend a good, small indoor tree for my living room that will grow almost up to the cathedral ceiling?

RO water safe for plants, just lacking salts

Question: Regarding using house water for plants: Is it safe to use reverse osmosis water as compared to tap water?

Lemon fruit drop can happen for variety of reasons

Question: Our Meyer lime is full of blooms. In previous years, it has yielded lots of fruit. However, last year, the blooms were abundant, but all of the bloom fell off, and we had a crop of one lime. What happened?

Pine tree sap around wounds signals healing

Question: A pine tree in my front yard appears to have had two open wounds for some time, judging by the amount of sap around them.

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