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This holiday season, live and let eat

When the federal government’s 1980 “Dietary Guidelines for Americans” warned about the baleful effects of saturated fats, public interest activists joined the fight and managed to persuade major food companies to switch to the shiny new alternative: trans fats.

Paris climate pact another Obama deal full of hot air

On Dec. 12, President Barack Obama gained the second jewel in his foreign policy triple crown: the Paris climate accord. It follows his Iran nuclear deal and awaits but the closing of Guantanamo to complete his glittering legacy.

Slow going for Nevada lawmakers in Carson City

So much for the one-day special session. It only took a day in 2013 for the Nevada Legislature and Gov. Brian Sandoval to introduce, debate, pass and sign into law a bill regulating online poker.

Last-minute resolution can’t fix ESA problems

Oh, that Nevada Legislature. They are a slippery bunch. Moments after finishing up a special session to approve tax breaks for an electric car company, state Senate Republicans slipped a surprise concurrent resolution onto the agenda before adjourning.

Republican candidates confront regime change at Las Vegas debate

To topple foreign regimes or to not topple foreign regimes. That is the question. Or at least that was one of the questions in the CNN Republican debate Tuesday night at The Venetian hotel-casino.

Despite ‘no’ votes, Faraday deal looks inevitable

The Nevada Legislature today begins a special session to consider a package of tax breaks designed to induce electric car maker Faraday Future to build its assembly plant in North Las Vegas.

Schwartz: It’s legal if we say it is!

Last week was a busy one, which explains why I didn’t get a chance to see Treasurer Dan Schwartz’s letter to the editor in response to my column of Dec. 2, 2015. In that piece, I questioned the propriety of regulations Schwartz’s office wrote regarding the state’s new Education Savings Account program.

Trump’s security plan one of sheer absurdity

So how exactly does this work, Donald Trump’s plan to keep America safe from Islamic terrorism by barring entry to all Muslims? He explained it Tuesday on TV. The immigration official will ask the foreigner if he’s a Muslim.

Tuesday will bring best GOP debate yet

Of all the Republican debates held thus far, and of all that will be held, this is the one to watch.

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