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NV Energy, gaming still rule the roost

News that billionaire investor Warren Buffett has struck a $10 billion deal to purchase NV Energy took many by surprise — but it shouldn’t have.

Hard question remains on gun background checks

A simple question: If background checks are not required for every gun sale in the state — including those between private parties — what good does it do to improve the database containing the names of people who aren’t allowed to own guns?

Love it, but hate it

I want readers of this column to know I totally support U.S. Sen. Dean Heller.

Legislature pushes toward progress

Some Nevada conventions died Thursday, when the state Assembly followed the Senate in passing a pair of resolutions that would undo a couple of long-standing Nevada traditions.

Only one man capable of ‘Being Oscar’

Former Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman settles plenty of scores in his new autobiography, “Being Oscar.”

A fine, but no more justice for John Ensign

Remember John Ensign? He’s the Republican U.S. senator who seduced the wife of his best friend and chief of staff, fired both in order to continue his assignations and then ultimately resigned after a year of sensational headlines concerning secret payments and violations of federal lobbying laws.

O we of little faith

It’s something of an irony that — in a nation where the Constitution prohibits establishing a state religion — we’ve spent so much time during the 2013 Legislature talking about religion.

Trip to Carson City leads to bizarre place

I was fairly sure when I boarded the Southwest Airlines jet at McCarran International Airport that I was headed to Reno. I recall following the freeway road signs in my rental car to Carson City.