When the job search is going wrong — you need this

I always have said that, if done correctly, looking for a job is a job within itself. After all, you have to first search the job listings and post your resume — several times if you’re really serious.

If you are fortunate to get a call or an email back requesting an interview of some sort, you have to research the company, research the interviewer and make sure you go through your resume to know exactly what’s on it. Then, you have to be prepared to correctly answer questions from the interviewer, as well as have questions prepared for the interviewer, be ready at the appropriate day and time, have the interview either on the phone or in person and send your follow-up thank you cards.

Whew! And, that’s just for one interview.

This process is grueling and not for the faint of heart because it truly can wear you down. When you finally get your resume to the point that it reflects what you want, and you think you’ve nailed the interview, receiving consistent “nos” is difficult and just plain depressing.

But, it is in these moments where you are at your lowest that you have to find your inner strength and the confidence to keep going.

You’re probably wondering how in the world — when you are in between jobs, possibly low on money and consistently being turned away by potential employers — I have the nerve to tell you to still be confident? I can and I will, and here is why.

Life can throw all kinds of scenarios at you. They’re not all pleasant, and, if you have for whatever reason, found yourself in the throes of unemployment, that scenario is totally difficult. And although the published unemployment numbers are relatively low, if you are included in that number, it doesn’t matter how low or high the percentage, you’re in the number and it’s an awful feeling.

But, if during the course of day-to-day searching for employment yields difficult outcomes, your psyche is only going to suffer if you drown in the situation. Somehow, every day, it is incumbent that you find a source of hope inside of you that constantly talks to you letting you know that your current situation is not permanent. You have to know that you will find employment that suffices and gives you exactly what you need.

Potential employers can smell desperation. They also can sense confidence. The candidate who walks into their office or portrays over the phone self-assurance, calm and a sense of “I’ve got this” is the candidate who presents a stronger potential, rather than one who shows up with dejection, unhappiness and defeat.

This is not really a “fake it till you make it” setting, but instead an opportunity for you to take note of yourself and your day. Don’t forget that, in the beginning of this article, I suggested that looking for a job was a job within itself. So, that said, here are three nuggets so that your job search and the not-so-positive results that can happen don’t ruin your complete outlook.

No. 1: Plan your day the night before. If you’re really good, you’ll plan a week out, but for starters, let’s look at just the night before. What time do you get up? Do you work out? Eat breakfast? Are you responsible for getting kids to school? Block out those time allotments on your calendar.

What time are you going to begin your job search? How many hours are you devoting to it? What time are you taking a break? Eating lunch? Those times go on the calendar, too. What time do you plan to end your search? Got it?

Don’t let the day run you, you run the day. That’s the first nugget.

No. 2: Take some time for you. Yes, I said it. A successful job search depends on a candidate being rested, confident and relaxed. This means you have to take time out of every day to feed you and your mind.

Do you like to work crossword puzzles? Do you like to go for long walks? Do you swim? What relaxes you? During your search, you still matter. Yes, gaining employment matters greatly, but you are important and maintaining your peace of mind is as well.

No. 3: Know that this is temporary. For every “no” you get, you are closer to a “yes.” There is a job out there waiting just for you, and if you keep your head up, your confidence up, and have all of your career goals and documents in order, eventually, the sky will open and, voila, employment will be yours for the taking!

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