Google Instant turns searching to finding

After playing with the new Google Instant search engine a while, I’ve concluded that it needs a new name. Instead of searching, I discovered that I was finding what I was hoping to find when I began typing in the query box.

No longer was I scrolling through pages of results. Instead, I refine what I’m looking for by altering my entry in the box formerly known as "search." Now, as suggested results pop up, I find myself clicking on what I feel is the best choice, then I continue to type to refine my results. I’m clicking on links instead of hitting the "enter" key or clicking the "search" button.

True to Google’s business model, sponsored links still populate the top three items in the area below the search and the entire right-hand column. Yes, I do click into these, especially when I am shopping.

The Internet grapevine was abuzz today about how Google Instant may transform search engine optimization, SEO to you acronym fans. Some observers are saying Google Instant has forever changed the science of optimizing Web pages and content for easy discovery by Google users. That the results continually change as users type theoretically jeopardizes profits businesses hope to reap by paying for placement.

Stories with more on that point of view:
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Does Google Instant mark the end of SEO?

I found a good follow-up on Google Instant at CNet:
Google Instant: Search for the now generation

It includes a video showing Google Instant at work:

Google Instant makes search much more personalized. Every user can see the results change as he types, clicks into suggested terms and modifies his search. The seconds saved typing result in having a better chance of finding what you’re looking for.

Who can argue against building a better mousetrap? Or in this case, building a better Google.

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