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Aleksandra Appleton

Aleksandra Appleton

Aleksandra Appleton’s On Education column appears in print every other Saturday.
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Nevada vs. Massachusetts: a tale of two educational states of mind

On Education columnist Amelia Pak-Harvey reflects on her move two years ago from Massachusetts — which loves to tout itself as best state in the nation for public education — to Nevada, where education often seems like an afterthought.

Hot-button education issues fire up parents in Clark County

Recent Clark County School District meetings on a gender-diverse policy drew big crowds, but public discussions of the superintendent search or the recent budget deficit were sparsely attended.

Clark County students boost national call for safer schools

Rallies are planned at six Las Vegas Valley schools for March 14 to demand change to prevent school shootings. But like adults, the students have different ideas on how that could be accomplished.

Clark County schools’ disciplinary system appallingly askew

A high school student with a long disciplinary history was expelled from a school where he was accused of rape and other serious crimes. So why was he allowed to attend another traditional school?

A look at the impact of new tax law on education in Nevada

Families can now use 529 plans to pay for private K-12 tuition, but changes in the financing of bonds and the increase in the standard deduction could cost school districts.

Final impact of CCSD budget deficit extends beyond jobs lost

Through most of 2017, the size of the deficit and its impact on jobs were moving targets. Now that the School Board closed the roughly $62 million hole, it’s simply a sad chapter that further eroded trust in Nevada’s education system.

Drama envelops Teachers Health Trust in Clark County

Lawsuits, buyouts, silence leave future of embattled health-care provider for Clark County School District teachers and other staff in doubt.

This Thanksgiving, don’t leave student aid money on the table

New ad campaign encourages students to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, known as the FAFSA, to see if they qualify for federal college aid. Millions don’t, missing out on billions of dollars.

New state rule for retroactive diplomas gives former student hope

Charley Thomas is one of nearly 7,000 Clark County School District students petitioning to receive the diploma they were denied years ago, after a shift in graduation requirement prompted a new ruling from the state Department of Education.

CCSD’s next superintendent could be one of these locals

While the Clark County School District is launching a national search for a successor to retiring superintendent, locals who may be jockeying for the position are already generating considerable discussion.