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Smog alert response a little hazy

A common question among motorists is whether their complaints or concerns actually reach the government agency in charge. Sometimes the answer is yes; sometimes no. And sometimes, like the question we’ll lead off with today, the answer is the complaint is received — although that doesn’t always mean something is done.

Jill would like to breathe easier: Although I haven’t done so recently, I previously have called the DMV to report vehicles emitting smog at 646-SMOG. Does the DMV follow up with the vehicle owner, or are these efforts unnoticed? Just curious and trying to make a cleaner impact for the air we all breathe.

Jill is referring to the Department of Motor Vehicle’s Smoking Vehicle Hotline, which allows motorists to report vehicles that are billowing polluting toxins into the air.

According to DMV spokesman Kevin Malone, upon receiving a complaint, the office sends the offending motorist an advisory letter asking that they get their vehicle inspected.

If numerous reports come in on one vehicle, or if the complaint is submitted by law enforcement or a DMV technician, the vehicle owner will be sent a certified letter ordering the car to be inspected at the department.

The department will suspend the registration of vehicles whose owners ignore the letters.

This from Bob: My wife and I moved to Las Vegas six years ago. At that time Highway 215 was under construction. We live not too far from Aliante Casino and use 215 once in a while and presently see no work being done in that area. I am now 78 years old and my question is what are the odds I will see this freeway completed before I pass on?

Well, Bob, I hope you are in good health because it’s going to be awhile. According to the Nevada Department of Transportation’s Bob McKenzie, engineers are designing the interchange between Highway 95 and the Las Vegas Beltway. This will be a complete “system to system” upgrade, meaning both arterials will be improved. Unfortunately, McKenzie doesn’t see the actual construction of the project beginning for at least another two weeks.

This, from Randy: Now that the express lane project is finally ending, when can we expect to see the “candlesticks” installed to keep motorists in the express lanes for their entire length?

As Randy noted, the express lanes are fully open on Interstate 15, and anyone who moves out of those lanes, marked by double solid-white lines, can receive a hefty ticket. The Nevada Highway Patrol has been admittedly lax about ticketing offending drivers, but that soon will change.

On Tuesday and Wednesday, the transportation department will put up the plastic candlesticks separating the express lanes from the regular travel lanes.

The express lanes extend between Sahara Avenue and just south of Russell Road. Motorists are prohibiting from moving in or out of those lanes during that stretch. McKenzie said fines will be hefty for those who travel over the candlesticks.

Brian is growing impatient: I have been waiting forever for the Sloan Avenue to be opened up completely between Sahara and Vegas Valley Drive. Earlier this spring it looked like it was going to happen but now all work has stopped, what’s going on here?

According to Clark County, the construction along Sloan is part of the development of the Flamingo Arroyo Trail and Sloan Trailhead. What you saw in the spring probably were county crews working on a water project at the trailhead. That work was finished a couple months ago. The county still has some work to do on a shade structure, and then it should be cleared up in that area.

Diane has this concern: Is a traffic light in the future for the intersection of Cactus and Jones? Now that Jones goes all the way through to Blue Diamond Road, Jones is getting an extreme amount of traffic. I feel sorry for the children from Tarkanian Middle School trying to cross while traffic is going 50-plus mph. This has become a very dangerous intersection even for cars trying to cross Jones at Cactus.

Clark County is planning to conduct a traffic study at that intersection in November. The speed limit on Jones in that area is 35 mph. But, county officials pointed out, within one mile there are three intersections controlled by school zone flashers which reduces the speed limit to 25 mph. Crossing guards are also stationed at Jones and Broken Bow during the school year.

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