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Reporters’ Notebook

FIRST THE SHERIFF’S OFFICE arrested the district attorney. Then the district attorney filed charges against a sheriff’s detective who arrested him. Then the detective was booked and released to return to work, where he sent out a news release about being booked, complete with his own mug shot.

On top of that, two different special prosecutors have been named, a request for a third special prosecutor was botched, and two judges have had to step aside because of potential conflicts of interest.

You almost need a scorecard to keep up with all the twists and turns in Nye County’s widening legal fiasco.

Now the Review-Journal has gotten mixed up in the mess.

A court document filed on Wednesday included two stories from this newspaper .

That little nugget was reported in a third Review-Journal story on Friday, opening the bewildering possibility that a future court document could make reference to a story that references other stories that were included in a court document.

Does anyone else have a headache yet?



Officer 1: “Where was she hiding the pipe?”

Officer 2: “In the lower part of her … uh … body.”

Officer 1: “Nevermind. I get the picture.”

DO FURLOUGH DAYS COME with peaches and pineapples?

If not, School Board member Deanna Wright probably misspoke when she praised five school district executive officers for volunteering to take furlough days next year.

Wright thanked them for “coming forth of their own fruition.”


THE PRIMARY ELECTION is Tuesday so we won’t name names, but one political hopeful included a typo on the candidate questionnaire she filled out for the Review-Journal.

The woman claimed to be “pro Yucca mounting.”

At least we hope it was a typo.


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Storms create havoc on Utah highways

The Utah Highway Patrol warned of hazardous driving conditions Wednesday, saying wet pavement contributed to four rollovers of tractor-trailer rigs on major highways.