Retired cop furious about Lt. Hans Walters”legacy of evil’

While some Metro officials have discussed the double-murder and suicide of Lt. Hans Walters in measured and somber language, Randy Sutton sounds more furious than philosophical.

Walters, a 20-year veteran, on Monday fatally shot his wife, former Metro officer Kathryn Walters, and 5-year-old son, Maximilian, before lighting the family’s Boulder City home on fire and eventually shooting himself.

As a longtime Metro cop, Sutton knew Walters and his wife and fellow officer Kathryn Walters. Sutton, who retired from Metro after 34 years in law enforcement, said the tragic elements of the case don’t change the facts.

“Hans Walters may have spent 20 years as a police officer with the Metropolitan Police Department, but he won’t be remembered as a cop. He’ll be remembered as a murderer,” Sutton said. “After 20 years as a cop, most police officers will leave a positive legacy behind. But what he did wipes out whatever good he did. He leaves a legacy of evil.”

CLS INVESTIGATION: For an investigation that made such a salacious splash in December, the drug, prostitution and fraud case against Charles Horky’s CLS Transportation has gone strangely quiet.

A well-placed source reports the Las Vegas headquarters of CLS at 6430 Procyon St. was under law enforcement surveillance for months before it was sealed and searched in connection with an ongoing drug, prostitution and credit card fraud investigation. One person who took note of the apparent presence of surveillance vehicles says they began appearing up to 11 months before the recent indictment of owner Horky and eight others on a variety of felony charges. Horky, 52, is accused of leading a criminal enterprise that in a few short years defrauded American Express out of $2.8 million.

Meanwhile, Strip casino sources continue to scratch their heads about the public face of the investigation. It appears to include no local gaming industry insiders.

Are we to believe the consummately connected Horky operated without his vast network of corporate casino contacts?

I wonder whether any of Horky’s penthouse-level casino contacts will be willing to vouch for his character these days.

EVICTION NOTICE: Constables from neighboring jurisdictions cringe when Las Vegas Township Constable John Bonaventura’s name is mentioned. It’s hard to blame them. Bonaventura’s short tenure has generated troubling questions about his ethics and judgment on the job.

Meanwhile, constables Herb Brown of North Las Vegas and Earl Mitchell of Henderson have failed to produce a scintilla of the scandal generated by their Las Vegas counterpart.

Perhaps they’re just not trying hard enough.

VINNY SKINNY: Reputed Bonanno crime family soldier Vinny Faraci relocated to Brooklyn after his tax conviction in connection with the Crazy Horse Too investigation and was last seen running a nightclub.

Recently, his name surfaced in a New York Post story exposing a marijuana trafficking network that stretches from Mexico to Canada and reputedly includes a mob family, Hells Angels and a drug cartel kingpin. (Surely a made-for-TV movie is in the works as I write this.)

After his felony conviction in the Crazy Horse Too case, and before he packed for Brooklyn, Faraci spent time as a manager at the Eliades family-owned Olympic Garden topless cabaret.

At some point, perhaps local government licensing authorities will take a moment and ask how a guy with mob connections and a felony conviction was allowed to be hired in a supposedly privileged business.

Rumors to the contrary, it’s not a prerequisite for a job as manager.

BETWEEN THE COVERS: Veteran true-crime author Cathy Scott, a former Las Vegas newspaper reporter, continues to turn out tales of intrigue. Her latest effort is “The Millionaire’s Wife” about the murder of New York City antiques dealer George Kogan. The book was recently named among True Crime Zine’s Best Books of 2012.

Meanwhile, businessman and conservative political figure Wayne Allyn Root’s latest book is “The Ultimate Obama Survival Guide.” Root is a former Libertarian Party vice presidential nominee.

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