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Special Features

Reputation, reality disconnect in violent death stats

Clark County has mirrored the decline of the nation’s homicide rate in the past decade, with a rate only slightly above the national average.

Solving the mysteries of drug overdoses

Prescription drug abuse has changed how we die, as well as the questions that must be asked when someone dies without apparent trauma.

When death takes a Vegas vacation

Of the 40 million annual visitors to Las Vegas about 1,100 of them don’t make it home alive. But when what happens here means dying, the grins fade to black.

Dying in Las Vegas is a unique experience

Las Vegans put their loved ones to rest in unique ways, such as shooting their ashes into outer space or making keepsakes from their remains.

Suicide: The quiet killer

Suicide kills more than car crashes and homicides combined — nearly 400 people last year alone.

Nevada needs more help for families after a suicide

A few years Linda Flatt’s son died, and she started a support group for fellow “survivors” of suicide only to learn survivors are at heightened risk to kill themselves.

Global life expectancy rises, but people live sicker for longer

Health care professionals work to help people live healthier, not just longer. Exercise and nutrition, two cornerstones of health and longevity, are dividends for Lake and Henry, not the goal.

Patients find support in hospice care

Hospice care providers work to dispel the idea many people have that hospices are about giving up, doing nothing.

Living longer with chronic diseases

People in Clark County and nationwide are living longer — and often healthier — while battling once fatal chronic diseases.