LETTERS: Bundy media coverage well overdone

To the editor:

Enough of Cliven Bundy already. This guy is a stone idiot, as are his gun-toting jerks from across the country. I didn’t realize that insanity spread that far.

As mad as I am about this Bundy issue, I’m even more upset with the television networks for giving him air time and the Review-Journal for writing front-page articles. All the media are doing is propitiating this knucklehead and giving him a soapbox to stand on. Quit reporting on this garbage and report on all the good done by groups such as Opportunity Village and the St. Jude’s Ranch. I’m sure thinking people would find it much more enjoyable reading.

The only thing the Bureau of Land Management did wrong was not rounding up Mr. Bundy and his friends and throwing them in the same pen as his beloved cattle.



Tortoise and the cattle

To the editor:

If the purpose of not allowing Cliven Bundy’s cattle on federal land was to save the desert tortoise, why would the cattle be allowed on the land if he paid his grazing fee fines?



Bundy’s militia

To the editor:

I am curious about all these anti-government militants standing by Cliven Bundy, with all this time on their hands. They must not have jobs. How many of them are receiving government subsidies such as unemployment, disability or even welfare?



Horse-drawn carriages

To the editor:

Horse-drawn carriages in the Las Vegas heat? Please tell me this is not happening (“Horse-drawn carriages might be in downtown Las Vegas’ future,” April 16, This is animal cruelty. Will these animals be under cover while they wait for customers, or will they be in the blistering heat?

Whoever thought of this bad idea needs to put a horseshoe on each foot and walk on the sweltering roads, and see how hot their feet get. I hope People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals comes out against this idea.



Keystone and Constitution

To the editor:

Regarding Larry Kudlow’s commentary on President Barack Obama (“Obama continues to send wrong message,” May 4 Review-Journal): Like most people, Mr. Kudlow does not understand our president or our Congress.

Mr. Kudlow believes the Keystone pipeline falls under the president’s authority, but it is doesn’t; it’s up to Congress, which has the power to regulate commerce with other countries. The pipeline would bring oil from Canada, and therefore it comes under Congress’ authority via the commerce clause. If Congress approves it, the pipeline could be started in days. But Congress does not have the fortitude to do this. Congress is a coward when confronted by presidential power.

Mr. Kudlow is also making the substantial assumption that Congress will get the chance to return the United States back to a business-friendly nation. Mr. Kudlow and many others feel the next election will bring about substantial changes. However, President Obama is not going to let Congress change this country’s direction. If Democrats lose badly in the 2014 midterms, the president could adjourn the new Congress in early January 2015 and not reconvene it until December 2016, under Article II, Section 3 of the Constitution.

Doing so would give the president nearly two years to run the United States as he see fit. He can spend even more money and place more people in strategic posts that will allow him to dominate our country without congressional oversight. He will be a dictator, and he certainly will not relinquish this power.



Marijuana use

To the editor:

In recent months, local and national news outlets have reported that marijuana can damage people’s brains, and can also cause heart damage. So where does the American Medical Association stand on the use of recreational marijuana?

Just because Colorado passed laws to permit medical and recreational marijuana does not mean that Nevada needs to do likewise in order to get tax money. I can think of various things to do or laws to pass to get tax money without legalizing recreational marijuana.



Benghazi investigation

To the editor:

Republicans in Congress are insisting on yet another self-serving investigation into the attack on the consulate in Benghazi. This will make the eighth such investigation, with millions of taxpayer dollars already having been spent, producing hundreds of thousands of documents for an issue that recent studies have shown is very far down the list of citizens’ concerns.

I suggest that as long as the Republicans are at it, why not reinvestigate the 1983 Beirut barracks bombing that killed 241 American servicemen? This was the deadliest single-day death toll for the Marine Corps since World War II’s Battle of Iwo Jima. Are Republicans not investigating because that horrible tragedy occurred during the presidency of their patron saint, Ronald Reagan?



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