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LETTERS: Reid doesn’t seem to get the message

To the editor:

After reading Sen. Harry Reid’s post-election quote, “The message from the voters is clear: they want us to work together,” I have to say, “No Mr. Reid, that wasn’t the message at all” (“GOP groundswell dispatches Reid into minority,” Wednesday Review-Journal). What this election is telling you is that our message has been the same all along: We the People are tired of you not representing us.

The message from the people is that we elected a president and representatives, not a dictator and his minions. That’s always been the message, but you chose to stop any and all legislation that you and President Obama did not agree with, because you had the power and could do that — it was your way or the highway. And you used that power to the ultimate degree.

Isn’t it funny that, now that you are in the minority, your tune is changing? The better question is: Do we believe you? I think the answer to that is “no.”

This election is telling you that we want jobs. This election is telling you that we already have a Constitution that regulates immigration into our country, and it doesn’t need reforming so that the Democrats can create a whole new group of voters for their party. This election was about the people telling you that we are tired of being ignored, as when Democrats passed Obamacare, even with more than 50 percent of the voters telling you we didn’t want it.

This election is telling you that we want tax reform — in other words, tax legislation that will make corporations want to relocate back to the U.S. so that our economy grows. We want a flat tax so that you millionaires in D.C. (and anywhere for that matter) pay the same rate of income tax most of the people do, and not the 15 percent capital gains tax from your investments.

I guess you could say, Sen. Reid, that this election was We the People’s version of “We have to pass the bill so you can find out what’s in it.” You remember that quote made so famous by Rep. Nancy Pelosi — who also landed in the minority party — when your party ignored the people and did what you wanted, don’t you? Perhaps now you will listen to the people you were elected to represent. Do I need to remind you that 2016 is just two short years away?



Republican takeover

To the editor:

I woke up Wednesday morning, looked at the paper and thought I had died and gone to heaven. Now there will be no more Sen. Harry Reid blocking passage of bills sent over by the House. Maybe finally they can get something accomplished in Washington, D.C.

Then to further delight me, no more Rep. Steven Horsford and a lot of the other left-leaning people whose desire is to redistribute the wealth while they reap the benefits. Of course, I hadn’t read the comics page yet, but when President Barack Obama said he was looking forward to working with Congress, I knew there was no need to read them, because nothing could top that.



Senate makeover

To the editor:

Sen. Harry Reid is such a hypocrite. For six years, he held Congress hostage and refused to put to a vote hundreds of bills that the House passed and sent to the Senate. More than 350 bills sat on his desk, just to make the House look bad, so that people could term this a do-nothing Congress.

Now, Sen. Reid says the people have spoken and want the two parties to work together. Where was he six years ago? Yes, the people have spoken, and what they have said is we are tired of Sen. Reid and the Democratic Party dragging this wonderful country down.



Uber a safe alternative

To the editor:

There’s been a lot written about Uber’s recent launch in Nevada. I don’t have much to add to the debate, but one thing I do have to offer is my story and my experience as a driver-partner with Uber in Las Vegas. I partnered with Uber because I love traveling and I love meeting people; Uber has allowed me to do both.

Since Uber launched in Las Vegas, I’ve given safe, affordable rides to people all over the city — from Summerlin to the east side of the valley, and almost everywhere in between. It’s given me the opportunity to perform a service that makes my community safer. With Uber, my riders have a reliable and responsible alternative to drunk driving, and I am proud to offer them that choice.

Uber’s commitment to making our roads safer goes beyond offering safe, reliable rides. It also includes donating $1 of every ride taken this week in Las Vegas to Mothers Against Drunk Driving. That dedication to increasing awareness and reducing drunk driving makes me proud to be a driver-partner.



Obama’s rating

To the editor:

I keep reading in the Review-Journal and seeing on TV that President Barack Obama’s popularity rating is similar to that of President George W. Bush. What is not reported is that if the media had the same access to President Obama as they had to President Bush, our current president’s popularity rating would be in the teens.



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