A choice between two incompetents

Having watched the Republican convention, and having read the WikiLeaks e-mails from the Democratic National Committee that show the thumb on the scales in favor of Hillary Clinton, I conclude that the voter’s choice is between a maliciously incompetent party or a benevolently incompetent party.

And you wonder why election turnout is so low?

Michael Henderson

Las Vegas

Worst enemy

Really? A person can’t get a fair trial because he chooses to wear his feelings on his sleeves (“Neo-Nazi gets makeover to hide tattoos from jury,” Monday Review-Journal)?

One look at this guy tells you he’s not a contributor to society. And given that he’s facing the death penalty for murder, in addition to this robbery at gunpoint, why should we give him any help in defending himself? He’s his own worst enemy.

David Lyons

Las Vegas

Lots of baggage

Let me see if I have this straight. Hillary Clinton has email issues while serving as secretary of state. Some junior flunky is thrown under the bus and Mrs. Clinton walks away saying, “But they didn’t indict me.”

Now there are emails released that show the Democratic National Committee did everything in its power to undermine the campaign of Bernie Sanders. The Clinton camp is blaming the Russians for releasing the emails.

This woman has more baggage than the contestants on the Jerry Springer game show “Baggage.” She has certainly had issues in most of her adult life, long before the Clintons occupied the White House. Now she wants to be the president.

This could be a bad joke if it weren’t so serious.

Walt Dybeck

Las Vegas

Moral high ground?

It’s a “sell-out” in Philadelphia for the Democrats. Yes, that is correct, but for another reason. We are now seeing the self-appointed watchdogs for the little people fold up and sell out their faux beliefs in exchange for power.

First you had Elizabeth Warren — the defender of the masses and the anti-Wall Street crusader — throw her ideals in the trash can at the first whiff of a potential slot on the ticket with the darling of Wall Street, Hillary Clinton. Seems Sen. Warren made the typical choice of the liberal left: power over ethics.

Then we have avowed socialist Bernie Sanders, champion of the working man. In the past few days we have seen the extent of his belief in his “movement” as he summarily tossed his beliefs aside to support Mrs. Clinton in exchange for a committee chairmanship. Then we saw evidence that the DNC had stacked the deck against Bernie and his followers — even exploring the idea of slurring his faith or lack thereof.

Yet despite those revelations, ethically challenged Bernie has chosen to exchange his soul for a leadership position. Not surprising.

But we knew this was coming, didn’t we? We have a liberal president who sold his signature program with a raft of lies. A DNC chairwoman who lied about stacking the deck for Hillary. And, let us not forget, a nominee who exposed American intelligence to advance her political career. And this from the party that claims the moral “high ground.”

Joseph Schillmoeller

Las Vegas

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