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Current system not serving the voters

I am a 17-year-old, and this July I will be able to vote as a full-fledged citizen. I don’t, however, have any interest in voting for either of the major party candidates for this upcoming election. Neither of them really represents what I want in my country’s representative.

I think that the entire system as a whole has gotten away from serving the voters, the way it was meant to. It has become more of a pageant than a true discussion of policy differences. The Republican Party, I believe, is performing a great disservice with their current candidate, as his strategy is not to debate and improve upon his opponent’s policies, but to simply ridicule them.

This weakness in the Republican house, I think, has also weakened the policy agenda of the Democratic Party, as they have no foil off which to bounce their policy ideas.

As a whole, I simply want a true debate on how we should do things as a country, not if we should have more red- or blue- painted seats.

Riley Cox

North Las Vegas

Disgusting display

The Sunday Review-Journal included an Associated Press story headlined, “Mexican flag has long history in US.” The story talked about the Trump protesters carrying the Mexican flag and how that is OK because there is a long history of it.

But the story fails to mention the news videos showing the same groups waving the Mexican flag also burning the American flag at these protests. As a disabled veteran, I find this very disgusting.

Thomas Sled


Wrong track

The United States is the most powerful nation in the world. We have a population of more than 300 million. Yet, look at the three individuals running to be the president. Where did we go wrong?

Two Democrats, one who violates the law and claims she did nothing wrong and does not know the meaning of trustworthy and the other a socialist. Meanwhile, the Republican has never held a political office and insults immigrants or anyone who disagrees with him.

And Donald Trump’s lack of diplomatic skills has many foreign government concerned. His popularity is based on subjects that concern most Americans, but the problem lies with his method to solve said problems.

The Democrats have a candidate under investigation by the Justice Department while the Republicans are like the old Abbott and Costello routine, “Who’s on First?”

C. Emerson Cooper

Las Vegas

Drug control

I am getting tired of Barack Obama and others pushing more gun control. Why not drug control? We all know that most of the shootings are drug related.

I see that people last week were wearing orange for the victims of gun violence. Why not wear black for drugs? We all know drugs are a growing problem and yet no one wants to do anything about that.

Criminals will always have guns. Look at Mexico, where the drug lords have automatic weapons even though they are banned there.

Henry Hertel

Las Vegas

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