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How about a U.S. Department of Twitter?

President-elect Donald Trump prefers to sit in his office at Trump Tower and send out tweets instead of having press conferences and facing reporters and actually having to talk. Perhaps when he is in the Oval Office he will appoint a secretary of twitters to handle his twittering.

Bob Shapiro

North Las Vegas


I have never been a Donald Trump fan, but I am really hoping he hasn’t been conning everyone for the past year. There are a few question we should be asking about now:

1. Mr. Trump promised he would release his taxes if he got elected. Will his taxes show he owes huge sums of money to the Russians?

2. Why hasn’t The Donald told us about his plans to bring his factories back to the United States and give jobs to Americans?

3. What will happen to the 30 million people receiving health-care coverage under the Affordable Care Act when he cancels it?

4. Is he really draining the swamp or just relocating it to the White House with his staff selections?

5. With half the population he considers his enemies scared that he will get us into a super war, start real concentration camps for illegal aliens, advance a religious war on Muslims, destroy Medicare and Social Security and give our country over to the Russians, how will he unify the country under his presidency?

Answers: 1. He will never release his taxes. 2. Won’t happen. 3. Emergency rooms across the country will be full 24/7 and bankruptcies will skyrocket. 4. Draining the swamp was campaign rhetoric. 5. Every day he creates more enemies in his own country because he never planned on unifying anything.

Richard Munk

Las Vegas

College education

Fearing I had slept through the entirety of my early education, I tried to fact-check the incredible statements of Jim Cassidy in his Dec. 29 letter “Electoral College failed us twice.” I could find no mention of the Electoral College being responsible for determining the qualifications of a candidate — that being left to the Constitution.

Nor could I find in the Constitution, National Archives or Federal Register any mention, much less a requirement, pertaining to a candidate’s character, intelligence, job knowledge, interpersonal skills or ruthlessness. There is also nothing about whether a candidate poses a threat to our security.

It appears that the Electoral College did not fail nearly as much as Mr. Cassidy’s educators. I am left to wonder where Mr. Cassidy got his information. I suspect it was from Harry Reid.

Joe Austin

Las Vegas

Due diligence?

I’m very disturbed by the article “FBI rightly refuses to fix Question 1’s fatal flaw” (Review-Journal, Dec. 30). Of all the proposals on the November ballot, Question 1 was the one I thought I had researched the most thoroughly. Apparently I hadn’t.

I thought I had read all the arguments for and against and both rebuttals. I thought I had read the text of the proposed changes, strikeout and all. I thought I had read articles in the Review-Journal. I went to two different websites for more information, apparently to no avail. I thought I had done my due diligence, but apparently I failed miserably.

Nowhere do I remember seeing the crucial issue of the FBI/DPS conflict explained as clearly as it was in this article. I’m a college graduate with a reasonably good grasp of the English language. Did I miss something so vital when it was right there in plain sight? How could I not have known the law was unenforceable?

Am I the only one who missed this?

More importantly, is there something I can do in the future to avoid screwing up so completely?

Mike Rusch

Las Vegas

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