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Judge trying to conceal defendant’s true identity

In reference to your July 25 article, “Tattoos to be hidden from jury”

District Judge Richard Scotti stated that he ordered defendant Bayzle Morgan’s tattoos from the neck up to be concealed so that “he could get a fair trial.” But by doing so, he has prevented Morgan from proudly presenting to the world who he really is.

To many people, getting a tattoo is a very personal and well-thought-out endeavor. This is as it should be, because for the most part a tattoo will be on someone’s body for the rest of his life. People spend time deciding on the location and whether it will be visible or invisible to the general public. They choose words or symbols that are reflective of their personality, interests, character, etc.

Morgan spent a lot of time and money getting these tattoos so that he would be identifiable to other like-minded people who shared his viewpoints and beliefs — people who embrace symbols such as swastikas, iron crosses and the words “Baby Nazis.” The judge’s decision to order Morgan’s tattoos concealed takes away his identity, his freedom of expression and most importantly, misrepresents this man.

I wish that all judges were as concerned — or at least aware — of how outward appearances, particularly when it comes to race, can trigger stereotypes and cloud a jury’s perception or lead to an automatic assumption of guilt. People of color don’t have the same luxurious ability to use a little “concealer” in order to “get a fair trial.”

Vanessa Rivers

North Las Vegas

Cultural scene

Kudos to Paul Harasim on his July 24 column interviewing Lee Mallory, aka The Love Poet. He really nailed it.

I have known Lee since his arrival in Las Vegas and can attest to his passion for making poetry popular. In addition to his self promotion, Lee has been instrumental in promoting local musicians and entertainers at the poetry reading events. Lee is a valuable addition to the Las Vegas cultural scene.

Steve Mashburn

Las Vegas

Helping Hillary

For the record, I am an Independent. I support a candidate, not a party.

Having said that, I have been reading through these candid Democratic National Committee emails and I am appalled at the lengths the DNC has gone in the past year to get its “establishment” candidate nominated. These emails make it clear why Bernie Sanders supporters are rightfully angry.

In their apparent quest for power, members of the DNC used religious bigotry, influence peddling and questionable accounting practices in both delegate numbers and campaign funding practices. To top it all off, they threw Bernie Sanders under the wheels of the bus. I’m sure there’s a whole lot more, but what scares me is all this was done in their zealous attempt to keep their party and a candidate they can control in the White House.

If it takes all these nefarious mechanizations just to get Hillary Clinton nominated, exactly what is wrong with her? Why couldn’t she secure the nomination on her own record and reputation?

For a party so adamantly opposed to building a wall on our southern border to protect the common citizens, take a good look at the fence built around the Philadelphia convention center to protect the party elite. Then ask yourself, “Is Hillary really who I want representing me, my values and my party? Am I willing to let my political party continue to use me?”

I know what my answers would be. What are yours?

Kathleen M. Stone


For the kids

If Hillary Clinton is so concerned for the children who may have viewed Donald Trump’s foul-mouthed outbursts and his mocking of a reporter, why did she approve her TV campaign ad that includes a video of Trump doing it? Even worse, her ads are run at times when children are watching.

Bob Giglia

Las Vegas

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