Let’s hope decision doesn’t hurt boot drive

To the editor:

The Muscular Dystrophy Association is saddened to learn that Clark County firefighters no longer will be allowed to collect for the popular MDA fundraising program “Fill the Boot” while on duty. I want to take a moment to explain the potential impact of this decision on the MDA programs supported both by firefighters and the Las Vegas community.

For nearly 60 years, Clark County firefighters have joined firefighters nationally in supporting MDA programs. Las Vegas citizens have always generously and selflessly supported their efforts. The funds raised support medical clinics that each year treat hundreds of Nevadans with rare and devastating neuromuscular diseases. Proceeds also support an MDA summer camp that last year provided a barrier-free experience for some 50 Nevada youngsters who might otherwise never have had this kind of opportunity.

Another irreplaceable MDA service that is funded by “Fill the Boot” is help obtaining and repairing expensive but necessary durable medical equipment.

While helping the local MDA and Las Vegas community for all these decades, these big-hearted firefighters have never once missed a fire call. There is no question as to the great impact their dedication has had on the quality and quantity of life of MDA families living in Las Vegas.

On their behalf, we hope and trust that the Las Vegas community will continue to support MDA’s “Fill the Boot” drive as compassionately as they always have.

Valerie Cwik

Tucson, Ariz.

The writer is the MDA’s interim president and medical director.

No standouts allowed

To the editor:

In response to the controversy over Bishop Gorman High School’s success in sports:

The Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association board reminds me of a union. If anyone outperforms for any length of time, he is subject to serious reprisals from the union.

Oh, I get it. The members of the board probably are, or were, in the teachers union.

W.A. Rothmeyer

Las Vegas

Political ploy

To the editor:

Nevada senatorial candidate Shelley Berkley is quite the opportunist. She’s circulating a petition, otherwise known as a campaign document, to get Rush Limbaugh off the air. She didn’t care for his recent remarks about a Georgetown University law student.

But who is she defending?

Sandra Fluke is a 30-year-old professional feminist and abortion rights activist. She deliberately enrolled in a Catholic college to stick a thumb in Georgetown’s eye with her demand that they pay for her birth control.

How can Ms. Fluke manage to get a $65,000-per-year education at a top-14 law school and not afford birth control pills available at Wal-Mart for $19 a month? If she graduates, she’ll immediately be hired into a $160,000-per-year job and become a member of the hated 1 percent.

Now we know who Rep. Berkley considers her real constituency.

Lynn Muzzy


Move on

To the editor:

I haven’t heard one insurance company protest President Barack Obama’s “compromise” with the religious community with regard to paying for contraception.

It seems to me the insurance companies would rather pay for birth control than prenatal care, C-sections, birth complications, neo-natal care, etc. They are silently thrilled with the win-win situation.

This is a good thing. Let’s move on.

Mary Franks


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