LETTERS: Undocumented immigrant numbers woefully underestimated

I am tired of politicians, government bureaucrats and undocumented immigrant advocates (not to mention news organizations) continually stating that the number of undocumented immigrants currently residing in the United States is “11 million to 12 million.” The Social Contract Press published a 2007 article in which the Los Angeles Times cited the number of undocumented immigrants living in the country at the time as between 8 million and 12 million.

Here we are, eight years later, and officialdom continues to use essentially the same number. So, these people would have us believe that in the intervening eight years, for every person who sneaked into the country or overstayed his/her visitor visa, another person went home.

I don’t believe the number has remained static, nor has it decreased. I believe that number is significantly higher, and I also believe the number is growing each year, due mostly to a porous southern border, with encouragement from and complicity of the Obama administration. Can anyone imagine why the political class and media continue to cling to the ridiculously low number?

For those still puzzled by Donald Trump’s continuing popularity among a wide swath of Americans, here’s why he’s resonating: We are weary of governmental mistruths when we can see with our own eyes what the situation really is. We are disgusted with politicians who put the interests of noncitizens ahead of citizens. We have had enough of politicians who say one thing to get elected, and then fail to follow through with their promises when they get into office.

Please quit peeing on our legs and telling us it is raining. We are neither unaware nor stupid, and we are tired of the lies.

Dave Downer


Movie theater security

The photo on movie theater security shows one of the dumbest ideas in the business since it made Adam Sandler a star (“Movie theaters tighten security,” Aug. 22 Review-Journal). Does anyone honestly believe that a bunch of teenage kids are going to be able to block someone from bringing a weapon of any kind into a theater? I will lay 10-to-1 odds that anyone — man, woman, religious fanatic or nut case — will easily bypass teenage security at any movie house in the country.

My guess is that Regal Theaters is doing this simply for insurance purposes, not out of the kindness of its heart. If Regal were really serious, it would put in metal detectors or hire a bunch of bomb-sniffing dogs.

Tom Johnson

Las Vegas

Teacher salaries

To get licensed teachers into every classroom in the district, you need to raise the starting wage for new teachers and increase the wage for those already here. There is no other solution.

There are too many excuses as to why there is a teacher shortage. Excuses coming from the Clark County School District human resources department are getting old. Just say it like it is. The residents of Las Vegas and the state of Nevada will never face reality. It’s time for people outside the schoolhouse to either be satisfied with a less-than-adequate teacher or to raise taxes.

Aren’t young people worth some sacrifice? It’s past time to pay a great teacher a decent salary.

Frank Nails

Las Vegas

Planned Parenthood

Regarding one of the latest Planned Parenthood videos, when a woman talked about cutting through a fetus’ face, I stopped watching. A few days later, I heard this was done while the baby’s heart was still beating. Her supervisors wanted the freshest brain possible, because better organs command higher prices.

Such acts do not have to be exaggerated to illustrate how heinous they are. There is only one view a reasonable person can take of Planned Parenthood and its treatment of unborn babies: It’s the deliberate taking of someone’s life — a surviving, breathing and pulsing fetus has the legal protection of any human life. To make it more horrible, the procedure was done merely for the sake of the highest profit possible. This is murder.

If someone is made aware of these activities and doesn’t take action to stop them, that person is neither reasonable nor moral, but rather indecent and unethical. If you can justify cutting through a living baby’s face to remove its brain intact for sale to organ merchants, then you can justify anything. To quote blogger Matt Walsh, “If you still support Planned Parenthood, you are simply not a decent person.”

Tim Underwood

Las Vegas

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