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Loss for greedy, win for rest of us

To the editor:

Oh, the weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth going on out there on the part of the ill-informed, cruel, mean, selfish, racist supporters of Mitt Romney! These poor guys, their mouths watering at the prospect of seeing 90-year-old people starving and dying in the streets from lack of health care (joining all the younger people left without health care with the demise of “ObamaCare”) will be denied their pleasure.

I am sorry but that is exactly the way I see most Republican politicians and most of their supporters. The implementation of the Ryan budget, which would deny health care as well as their Social Security benefits to 90-year-olds, was passionately awaited by these ghouls, but that “gall-danged” Obama and his “liberal hordes” – people of all colors, races and even ideologies – upset their apple cart by defying voter-suppression laws and the plethora of lies spewed by Romney and his goons, standing in line for hours just to exercise their right to vote.

Yes, even Republicans, disgusted with the cruel, bully-boy proposals put forth by the Romney team and their surrogates in the state governments who did everything they could to deny the universal right to vote of all Americans regardless of race, color, income, wealth or political persuasion, stood in these lines. And to a person they voted down rule of the rich, by the rich and for the rich, if only subconsciously.

That is the kind of America being propagated by the rich and their toadies in the Republican right wing (that is what “trickle-down economics” means), under the guise of “entitlement reform,” “pro-growth policies,” “economic stability” and other self-serving rhetoric designed to pull the wool over the eyes of the “masses.” And considering that Romney-Ryan and their budget got 48 percent of the note Nov. 6, they did a good job of it (just not good enough from their point of view, of course.)

Yes, Virginia (no pun intended), there is a 47 percent, composed of veterans, old people who worked all their lives and paid for their Social Security benefits, which are being threatened (the Ryan budget) along with Medicare. There are those who now work every day but earn barely enough to live on – much less pay taxes on. There are those who are down on their luck. There are those who are disabled or too ill to work (what does Ryan propose for them – an early death and a final trip to potter’s field?)

The two things this 47 percent have in common with the wealthy: they are Americans and they have the right to vote, which is why this country will never be one for the rich (and near rich) only.

The rightly named “greatest generation,” which saved this country from fascism in World War II and Korea, sadly is rapidly disappearing from the scene and in danger of having their remaining time of this earth threatened by another form of fascism (the proliferation of tea party Republicans) which sees only one kind of America, ruled by the corporate or wealth class in a “my way or the highway” manner.

These people aren’t against government, just government that doesn’t follow their fascist ideas!



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