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Put down Onion, before another tragedy

To the editor:

Onion, the killer dog, should be put down immediately. The Lexus Project’s legal fight is based on nothing but emotion. Onion tasted human flesh and blood. Why do you think that when a cougar, bear, coyote or other animal mauls or kills a homeowners’ pet or child — or a human — the animal is tracked down by law enforcement and shot? It’s a practice recognized worldwide.

Animals make decisions every second of the day. A dog makes a decision to walk to his food bowl and eat, rather than lay down and sleep. It makes a decision to chase the stick or sit on its haunches. A dog can be jealous and resent the fact that an owner’s attention is focused elsewhere. So Fido trashes the house. The killing of the child was Onion’s decision, for whatever reason. The Lexus Project says dogs don’t know any better, and Onion didn’t know what he was doing, and he won’t do it again. That’s wishful thinking. Any animal can turn vicious at the drop of a hat for whatever reason — because it wants to.

Bottom line, put the dog down, and the sooner the better. It wasn’t just a dog bite, folks. The toddler was mauled and killed by the dog. There is a reason such animals are put down after such an act: because it gets easier the second and third time. Once is enough.



Give Onion sanctuary

To The Editor:

I read Rana Goodman’s letter supporting Onion the dog (July 16 Review-Journal), and I agree with everything she wrote. The pictures that I have seen of Onion snuggling against the sleeping baby show a loving, gentle dog, not a killer.

This tragic accident never would have happened if Onion hadn’t been startled while sleeping. Onion can’t speak for himself. It takes people such as Ms. Goodman to be his voice.

With all the atrocities that humans commit against helpless, innocent animals, children and elders, they go to jail on taxpayers’ money or pay a small fine. To cause this poor creature to die is a crime.

Putting any dog in solitary confinement for more than a year, with no exercise, socialization or chance to see family, is inhumane and cruel treatment and will affect the dog’s behavior. Onion doesn’t understand what he has done.

The right and humane thing to do is send Onion to the sanctuary in Colorado to live out his life. It should not take the state Supreme Court to make this decision.



Poor Sheldon Adelson

To the editor:

Can any of us really comprehend how difficult it must be to be Sheldon Adelson? The article in Thursday’s Review-Journal (“Sands Corp. Macau profits soar”) states that his company is making more money than ever, yet Mr. Adelson still manages to complain.

Mr. Adelson says MGM Resorts International and Caesars Entertainment Corp. are charging too little for their rooms. That means those companies “bring down the average daily room rates me and my friend Steve Wynn can offer.” Wow, has life dealt him a cruel blow. There’s nothing sadder than a billionaire capitalist complaining about competition.



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