Ruling class keeps those with new ideas out of debates

Either Libertarian candidate would make a far better president than Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. And their message would resonate with most Americans — were they given the chance to hear it. But neither is likely to happen.

Libertarian philosophy is a serious but — to date — well-subdued threat to the American ruling class which has controlled this country’s destiny for a century or more. And they would like things to continue just the way they are.

They dominate the media in much the same way as they control our political leaders, both of whom rely on establishment financial support to prosper and survive. If their masters were to utter the word “jump,” the halls of Congress would resound with the thunder of 500 pairs of shoes striking the floor in unison.

Trump is right about one thing: The system is rigged. American voters are forced to choose between two dreadful candidates selected by the economic elite.

The Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson has no chance of participating in the debates or receiving any significant attention from the media. His recent patronizing appearances on Fox News and “60 Minutes” were too little too late — which is no accident. Even “fair and balanced” Bill O’Reilly is in the tank for Mr. Trump and now serving as his principal publicist.

Our political system is beginning to look like something out of Orwell’s “1984.”

David Stevenson


Feeling ill

Lately I’ve read letters in the Review-Journal from writers who do not feel the paper is liberal enough and is in the tank for the Republican Party.

For instance, Tuesday’s paper featured a letter from Gayle Dematoff, who criticized the Review-Journal for publishing a wire-service article on the front page that discussed Hillary Clinton’s health. She further stated she was disgusted with the press and the Review-Journal for making Mrs. Clinton’s health a “major concern.”

I wonder if Ms. Dematoff in 2008 was concerned about how the press demanded medical records from GOP nominee John McCain because of his age?

Was she concerned in 1980 when the press was constantly discussing President Reagan’s health because of his age and implying he was too old to serve as commander in chief?

We should be concerned about the health of all the presidential candidates. Many of us were alarmed when on Sept. 11 a video of Mrs. Clinton showed her convulsing and collapsing while she was getting into her vehicle. She nearly fell to the ground and had to be helped by Secret Service agents.

We were later told she had pneumonia.

Donald Trump recently released his medical records and discussed his health on the “Dr. Oz” show. It appears he is medically fit and needs only to lose a few pounds.

Ms. Dematoff wrote that it was “unfair” for the Review-Journal to lean Republican, which is debatable. So let me suggest that she read the Las Vegas Sun, which is definitely in the tank for the Democrats. You can get your daily dose of Trump bashing from that insert — which, by the way, would not be in existence without the financial support of the Review-Journal.

Michael O. Kreps

Las Vegas

Gassed up

I can’t agree more with the Spencer Hawkins’ Tuesday letter to the Review-Journal concerning the Clark County Commission’s proposed gas tax increase to fund roadway improvements (“County commissioners stuck in the past”).

If they think about it, I doubt the owner of any gas-driven vehicle would vote for this increase when there is no provision made to tax drivers who use the roadways but pay little or no taxes.

There will be more and more hybrid and electric vehicles using the roadways. The commissioners should come up with a way that all roadway users pay their fair share.

Phillip Mlynek

Las Vegas

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