So many questions, so few answers

To the editor:

It seems rather odd that the administration is rushing the trial of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the main suspect in the Boston Bombings, through the courts when the crime scene ribbon is barely removed from the streets. Is it because Mr. Obama can’t wait to get going to shove his Amnesty Bill (or Immigration Bill as it is advertised) down our throats, designed to import massive numbers of Democratic votes?

Certainly it’s not to help out the domestic job market, bringing in more labor to a market long on American workers but short on jobs. We are hearing less about why and who was involved in the bombing than we were told about the Benghazi massacre — and most of that filtered through lapdog Jay Carney?

Why was a Saudi “student” in this country on an expired visa? Why was he supposed to be going to school in Ohio, yet lived in Boston? Why was the student Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi, being held as a person of interest after the bombing, but released shortly after Obama had an unscheduled meeting with Saudi Foreign Prince Saud al-Faisal at which time he was ordered deported, rather than questioned further? Interesting to note the reason listed on the deportation order listed it as a National Security issue, unless it was changed prior to him receiving a free plane ticket.

As for the surviving suspect, how can we believe he wasn’t connected with a terrorist group, as the White House seems to believe, when he claims his actions were based on religious beliefs and that his beef was against Russia?

Why did the FBI not put the older brother’s name on the TIDE (suspected terrorist) list after receiving a warning from Russian officials preventing the CIA access to this information? Why has the older brother’s passport red-flagged when he took a trip to Russia last year? Was the bombing at all connected to the thwarted train bomb attempt in Canada?

This disaster appears to be a situation where our government takes in two brothers, grants then citizenship, supports them and is rewarded by their murder and maiming if its citizens, To worsen matters, the mother of the suspects openly criticized our law enforcement for not taking the one son alive. There are certainly a lot of questions remaining unanswered. I wonder where the transparent government is that Mr. Obama promised over four years ago.



New stadium

To the editor:

Here we go again with a new stadium for our minor league baseball team.

Nothing is wrong with Cashman field; it’s a premier park as far as seeing the game goes. The only thing a new stadium would help is the player’s locker rooms. They’re in the minors. If a new stadium is built in Red Rock, then the ticket prices will go up and the attendance will go down for that reason alone.

Secondly, I’m not going to drive that far and pay more money and use more gas, and thirdly Red Rock is a very upper class neighborhood meaning a lot of retired senior citizens who aren’t going to go to any baseball games. Now if they made the ending point for the Victorville train behind the stadium. …



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