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Voters should see through the false attacks and smears

Last week the Review-Journal published a correction to a reckless column by Steve Sebelius alleging that taxpayers had to foot the bill for my 2014 bankruptcy. In fact, the investment was insured by the banks through the FDIC. I paid my settlement in full and the taxpayers were held harmless. Those are facts in the public record.

I have been in the real estate business for a long time, and as has been widely reported, I almost lost everything in the recession. I did have to file bankruptcy, mostly so I could keep my home in which I have always been the primary caregiver for both my parents. Anyone who reads the public record will see the judge called my reasons “common and permissible.”

Since then, I have rebuilt my business and have a thriving commercial park that houses Nevada businesses and their employees. My wife and I have founded two nonprofits serving Nevada youth. Public service is another way we try to contribute to the community.

It’s no secret that Mr. Sebelius opposes my candidacy on ideological grounds — and that’s his right. But he should have been more careful. In addition, the timing of his article, published the day before the start of early voting, is highly suspect.

Now Michael Roberson has seized on Mr. Sebelius’s column to launch more vicious TV ads recycling discredited attacks that a Nevada court ruled false and defamatory. The reason many good people don’t run for office is the false attacks and smears, but I’m confident the voters will see through these on Election Day.

Danny Tarkanian

Las Vegas

The writer is a Republican candidate for the 3rd Congressional District.

Alice in Wonderland

The Review-Journal recently ran another letter exposing the sham claims that homeowners switching to solar power actually cost other customers of NV Energy money so the switchers must pay.

From the get-go, the NV Energy scheme has been, “If you stop using my product, I will fine you. I will claim that if you leave I will have to spread my costs over the rest of my customers. You must pay for them.”

No other profit-making enterprise in America ever got away with that. It’s a manipulation of reality.

When I buy my next electric car, I will not receive notice that I now owe the state-sponsored petroleum industry a penalty for not using their product anymore. Talk about the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.

David Thompson

Boulder City

It’s all Greek

Entering the parking lot to vote in the primary election, I pass a sign that states “VOTE.” But what’s this under it? It says “BUMOTO.” I Google it — turns out it is Filipino for “vote.”

After voting, I contacted the Clark County Election Department. I was advised that there are three languages that must be posted: English, Spanish and Filipino. This is mandated by the U.S. Justice Department based on the latest census information.

I don’t believe that there should be any language posted except for English outside the voting area. Inside the voting area, I would gladly accept it if all the languages of the world were included — and if not, then just English. Picking a select three languages seems to be an effort to sway an election.

Let’s just all be American. And don’t forget to vote!

Tom Pacileo


Peep show

Recently, I visited the Fremont Street Experience to play a poker tournament. During breaks, I walked around outside under the canopy. This was in the afternoon, and I saw two different guitar-playing men wearing only a very small thong. I have been there at night and seen women wearing only body paint.

I am not a prude, but there are many children there who do not need to see a naked body. I will not bring my adult children or grandchildren to Fremont Street until this is corrected.

John Rooney

North Las Vegas

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