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VICTOR JOECKS: Trustee candidates who would fix CCSD

Improving the Clark County School District isn’t easy, but it is possible — if voters select the right trustees.

Take a look at your primary ballot or voter pamphlet. You’ve probably heard of candidates for the U.S. Senate and House. Those races are important, but so are the ones down your ballot.

That’s especially true if you’re voting on the Clark County School District’s new trustees. Districts A, B, C and E are up this cycle. The only incumbent seeking re-election is Trustee Evelyn Garcia Morales in District C. Because the board has seven seats, electing four quality candidates could transform the district’s trajectory.

Here are some quality candidates.

In District A, Rachel Puaina would be an excellent choice. She’s a charter school teacher who left the district over the decline in student behavior after district officials stopped punishing students. “Get rid of restorative justice,” she said. “It’s gone downhill ever since they implemented it.” Safer schools, she noted, would help the district retain more teachers. Bravo.

In District B, voters have the choice of two great candidates. Lydia Dominguez is a mom who served in the Air Force. She wants to prioritize listening to parents and to protect girls’ sports. Robert Plummer had a three-decade career in law enforcement. He mostly served with the Metropolitan Police Department and had a stint as police chief in Napa, California. He emphasizes school safety.

In District C, Frank Friends is a long shot, but he earned the support of Moms for Liberty — Clark County. The courageous group also endorsed Puaina and Dominguez.

In District E, Ryan Kissling is right on the issues, noting on his website that schools are focusing on “political agendas” instead of “actual skills like reading, writing and arithmetic.” He’s a successful chiropractor and put more than $70,000 of his own money into the campaign. In 2020, trustee Lola Brooks won this seat while raising less than $16,000.

It may sound unseemly, but money matters in politics. Not all voters are as informed and engaged as the readers of this column. Kissling’s ability to self-fund is a major advantage for conservatives.

Lorena Biassotti, the vice president of Moms For Liberty — Clark County, would also be a fantastic trustee.

Other observations. Some readers have asked me for my thoughts on Las Vegas mayor. While other contenders have strengths, Victoria Seaman is the best candidate with a realistic chance to win. She has been spot on about Badlands for years — accurately warning about the cost of the city’s stubbornness. Seaman is a strong leader who has shown ample amounts of courage and foresight.

In Henderson, the City Council usually runs like a good ole boys club. Bristol Marunde in Ward 2 and Cheryln Arrington in Ward 4 would be breaths of fresh air.

In federal races, Sam Brown for Senate, Drew Johnson in the 3rd Congressional District and John Lee in the 4th Congressional District stand out in their primaries.

When turnout is low — and it looks low this year — those who vote have a greater say. I hope this list helps you choose wisely.

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A previous version of this story misspelled Cherlyn Arrington’s name and misidentified her ward.

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