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Recent news could provide Trump path to victory

Today is Oct. 26, 2016. It was on this day exactly 36 years ago that Gallup reported Jimmy Carter held an 8-point lead, 47 percent to 39 percent, over Ronald Reagan with less than two weeks to go. Reagan won in a landslide and took 44 states.

U.S. election about to see a Brexit moment

What a great presidential debate put on by UNLV and Las Vegas on Wednesday. Our city shined. Our university shined.

Hillary and the media: A love story

Anger and outrage follow anything done or said by Donald Trump. But there are no headlines and no nonstop media attention paid to the outrageous statements and actions of Hillary Clinton and other Democrats.

Trump made headlines, but Clinton made the big news

Are you watching the news? Have you seen anything about the damaging WikiLeaks or FBI leak revelations against Hillary? Where are these headlines?

Hillary Clinton: Ghost candidate

If Hillary Clinton has such a fat lead in the polls, why can’t she pack her own rallies? Why can’t she sell books? Why aren’t her supporters buying her merchandise?

Trump’s losses pale in comparison to those of Hillary, Obama

Hillary Clinton is out on the campaign trail saying it’s unimaginable that Donald Trump claims to be a smart businessman after losing $1 billion. But that was his own money.

Elite are desperate to derail Trump

This presidential election looks like a carbon copy of the Brexit vote in the United Kingdom. We are seeing the same fear, panic and desperation among the Washington ruling class.

To win, Trump must tell hard truths about economy

Mitt Romney, the Republican nominee for president in 2012, was afraid to tell the truth. He thought it was too dark. It’s time for Donald Trump to trust American voters with the truth.

Root: Obamacare is crippling the U.S. economy

President Obama and his socialist cabal, supported by the mainstream media, have perpetrated the world’s biggest Ponzi scheme with Obamacare.