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Recovery? What recovery?

After eight long years of lies and propaganda from the Obama administration and its lackeys in the mainstream media, it’s time to call Barack Obama exactly what he is: the worst president ever.

Let’s start with some significant economic indicators that perfectly showcase what has happened to America under Obama.

Student loan debt — dramatically up.

Food stamp use — dramatically up.

Federal debt — dramatically up. By the time Obama leaves office, his share of the debt will be more than all other presidents combined.

Federal Reserve money printing to keep the economy afloat by artificial means (thereby creating debt) — dramatically up.

Health insurance costs — dramatically up (and going much higher).

Labor force participation rate — down dramatically.

Workers’ wages as share of GDP — down dramatically.

Homeownership — down dramatically.

But the bad news just keeps rolling in. All of these eye-opening stats from the past week are hot off the press:

Average weekly wages are down over the past year. U.S. industrial production declined for the 12th month in a row — the longest non-recessionary slump in more than 100 years. Retail sales tumbled to 6-month lows. This number signals recession (again). Business inventories and sales declined. These numbers signal a deep recession.

One of every six American males is unemployed. Millions of men have dropped out of the workforce.

Even Harvard — the ultra-liberal Ivy League university — finally had to admit the tragic truth. A new Harvard study, released only days ago, reports there has never been an “Obama recovery.” Harvard says, “the U.S. economy has continued to deteriorate in the aftermath of the Great Recession.”

Then there’s Gross Domestic Product — the only true measurement of economic growth. GDP growth was only 1.1 percent for the last quarter. The U.S. economy is in quicksand.

The Wall Street Journal called this “the worst economic recovery since 1947.” You know what you call the worst recovery in 69 years? A depression.

The problem is there are two Americas. Obama and Hillary Clinton voters have no part in the private sector. Their lives are tied to government checks or government payrolls. Obama’s voters sign the back of checks. For Obama’s America, the economy is peachy keen.

But for Donald Trump’s America — middle-class American taxpayers and more than 20 million small business owners — it’s a very different story. You know, the people Hillary calls “deplorable.” For Americans who sign the front of checks, or spend their lives paying taxes into the system, America is a mess, the economy is a disaster, there are no quality middle-class jobs, and there are too many government regulations to open a lemonade stand.

This is now officially an economic disaster.

Still not convinced Obama is the worst president ever? I’ll have part deux for you on Wednesday.

Wayne Allyn Root is a best-selling author and the host of “WAR Now: The Wayne Allyn Root Show,” from 3 to 6 p.m. daily at 790 Talk Now. His columns run Wednesday and Sunday in the Review-Journal.

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