8 reasons why everyone can use a pocket knife

(BPT) – Long gone are the days when pocket knives were strictly for the avid outdoorsman or only useful on camping trips. Nowadays, these easy-to-use, multi-functional tools are the perfect size to tackle a variety of situations you may encounter on a daily basis.

Unlike traditional tools that are often tucked away in a tool chest, Swiss Army Knives – such as those from Victorinox – are easy to carry in your pocket, purse or backpack and provide quick access to a variety of everyday tools. Here are just a few of the things you can do with the right multi-tool pocket knife.

1: Open up a package at work or home

Although packages are constantly arriving at work or home, it’s always hard to find that ever-elusive box cutter buried in the drawer. Instead of trying to rip open the box, potentially causing damage to the item, use the small blade on a pocket knife to easily slice open the package.


2: Snipping a loose string on a piece of clothing

You’re waiting for a meeting to begin, when you notice a loose string dangling from the sleeve on your blazer. Resist the urge to pull at it, causing more unraveling and use the scissors on a Swiss Army Knife to easily snip it off.


3: Tightening a loose screw

Loose screws are an easy fix, but when you have to dig through your tool chest to find a screwdriver, it becomes a nuisance. Quickly fix the wobbling table by using the Phillips screwdriver on your pocket-sized, multi-tool knife.


4: Reading small print on a package or document

Having trouble reading the fine print on packages, medicine bottles or newspapers? If so, try using the magnifying glass on a Swiss Army Knife or SwissCard to get the full details. Its compact size makes it easy to hold while reading the Sunday newspaper.

5: Snipping a cigar

Next time you enjoy a celebratory cigar with friends at home or on the golf course, forget the hassle of trying to find a cigar cutter nearby. Instead, reach for the unique cigar cutter on a Swiss Army Knife. The sharp, easy-to-use cigar cutter guarantees a clean snip every time.


6: Lighting a dim or dark lit area

Whether it’s struggling to see the cords behind the TV or finding the dropped change under the car seat, a bright light can help. The mini flashlight on a SwissCard offers quick access to light, allowing you to easily find what you’re looking for.


7: Trimming bushes in the backyard

Forgo hauling out a bulky saw to cut down the small branch in your backyard and instead use the wood saw on a pocket knife. Its compact size and durable serrated-edge saw make it perfect for small jobs around the yard.


8: Uncorking a wine bottle

Impromptu celebrations happen and usually at locations without the proper barware. Next time, make sure you can enjoy that bottle of wine without hassle by reaching for the corkscrew on your multi-tool pocket knife.

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