Small business? Don’t be afraid to think small

If you have the aspiration to turn your small business into a large one, you know how arduous it will be. It takes gumption, an irresistible product or service and the ability to think big. But just because your end goal is huge doesn’t mean that small steps won’t get you there. Things like giving away promo products, hosting live seminars and developing an impactful website are all small things that can generate future success.

Create some buzz with actionable results:

People hold on to promotional products. In an advertising study, research reveals that 52 percent of people did business with an advertiser after receiving their promotional product. From custom koozies to stress balls, and everything in between, these are items that people use on an everyday basis, sometimes without even thinking about it. With your business logo and company name on your promotional items for your potential customers and the rest of the world to see, it’s completely free advertising. It may not seem like much, but getting just a few people to recognize your brand is the first step towards positive growth.

Be personable and informative:

While most business interaction either begins or completely takes place online, it’s impossible to live only on the Internet. Get out in the real world and show that you’re the person behind the product. Start by inviting customers to your place of work to give them free training on how to do something related to your product.

For example, if you just opened a landscaping business, post some flyers around town and let people know that you’ll be doing a live planting workshop. Show them the different ways various plants should be handled and what type of fertilizer they should have. Valuable information like this will give the notion that you’re competent and truly enjoy what you do. While it may not grow your business overnight, it gives your potential customers a reason to tell their friends about you.

Make your first impression a good one:

While your most impactful customer interaction may occur in the “real world,” your website is the hub for pertinent information about both you and your company. Once you attain a little recognition, people will begin searching for you online. This is your chance to blow them away.

If there is one thing to spend time and a little bit of money on, it’s your website. For those of you who have a background creating websites, this is your time to really put some effort into creating a true masterpiece for your customers. If you’re not well-versed in graphic design, look online to find the website builder that makes the most sense for your business.

While these seemingly small things may not make a huge impact in the short term, it’s all about getting your name out there. Be engaging, loud and risky. With this mindset, your small business will soon blossom. Always remember: think big, and act small.

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