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“The Lion King” is back

The remakes have been a mixed bag offering some combination of modern visual effects, fresh casting andnarrative tweaks to catch up more dated material to the times.

Son’s mysterious symptoms subside, but family still endures pain

Grayson McClure’s story is one of a young man’s unshakable spirit to cope with unimaginable pain, a mother’s stubborn search for answers, and a father who held down the family home, waiting for his family to return.

Land owners near Las Vegas stadium enjoying Raiders value boost

The $1.84 billion stadium project about a mile west of Las Vegas Boulevard, was dumb luck for nearby landlords. A few bought property right across from the stadium site as recently as 2015 — two years before the football team purchased its land — and others have owned parcels much longer.

Late to school: Why Clark County had over 11K tardy buses this year

Buses traveling to and from county schools were tardy over 11,000 times from Aug. 13 to Feb. 13, anywhere from just one minute to more than two hours, according to a Review-Journal analysis of district data.

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