After Gibbons Bash, an attempt to Defend the GOP

I’m glad we’re all in agreement about my Tuesday column about Gov. Jim Gibbons, which essentially said his career was kaput in no small part thanks to conservative activist Chuck Muth’s personal pummeling.

Well, I guess there were a few critics.

Republican activist Nathan Taylor was one.

Suffice to say Mr. Taylor and Mr. Muth won’t be breaking bread soon.

Taylor writes:

“As a lifelong Republican and former GOP Activist, I have been extremely disheartened by the turn of events that places our Party in such disarray!

“After reading John L. Smith’s column today, I couldn’t remain silent anymore. First off, It makes my stomach turn to see how much press Chuck Muth has been getting as it relates to the Republican Party. This self-serving grandstander isn’t even a Republican anymore–he was run out of Washington, D.C., and when he couldn’t find a leadership position in the Nevada GOP, he switched parties! It only takes a coward to become a turncoat and run away from something–if he really wanted change for the GOP, he would have stuck around and tried to make a difference.

“It seems that some members of the press have forgotten all the history behind Chuck Muth and his involvement over the years with the GOP. Chuck alienated just about everyone except for the gadfly’s and fringe members of the Republican Party.So much so, that he had to leave the state for awhile to let some of the dust settle.

“I’m not going to give Chuck the pleasure of having me lay out his resume, but I can only say that there are better sources for information and comments regarding the Nevada GOP. As a 33 year old Republican who has spent most of his adult life being involved in Republican politics, I believe I have a unique and educated view of what is happening with the Nevada GOP and what changes need to be made.

“While many Republican’s including myself are very disappointed in Governor Gibbons performance, it doesn’t do our party any good to keep chastising him and laying down with the maggots to feed on what’s left of his political career. What good can come out of continuing to focus our energy on Gibbons? I say nothing good can come out of it–the people that truly care about our Party should be focusing on trying to gain seats in the State Assembly and working to get the State Senate back. In addition, the 2010 Census is approaching and the GOP should be organizing a great team of individuals to work on it.

“Having worked the 2000 Census with the GOP, I can say with authority that this is more important than the average party loyalist understands. Should we continue our current course of infighting and personal grandstanding (i.e. Chuck Muth) instead of focusing on what will make a difference for our party during the next 10 years, the Nevada GOP will only have itself to blame.

“The answer is for the GOP to stop hiring individuals from out of state to run our Party. The Nevada GOP over the past 10 years has turned into a cash cow for Consultants who only seek to drain campaign coffers for the benefit of their bank accounts. Once an individual decides to work the political scene in hopes of padding their wallets, it leads to the destruction of a political party and loses its purpose.

“Do you think that it’s a coincidence that former GOP Executive Directors have become high-priced political consultants? Do you think it is a coincidence that most of the high-ranking GOP jobs over that past 10 years have gone to folks who are not from the State of Nevada? Do you think it’s a coincidence that all the top of the ticket candidates have shared the same "high priced" consultants over the past 4 election cycles. I’ll answer that for you, NO it is not a coincidence–if the average registered Republican in our state knew what was going on behind the scenes it would make them sick!

“The reason the Nevada Republican Party is in such disarray is for one reason and one reason only; GREED!”

Come on, GOP people, let’s get together for a group hug.

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