Bad week for Reid & friends

Harry Reid helpers, the Las Vegas Sun and Jon Ralston, must be having a awful week in the wake of two polls that show Sharron Angle pulling away from Harry Reid in the U.S. Senate race.

How to report the news without reporting the news?

The Sun just ignores it. They’ve bannered one poll as the race winds down, and that was an outlier poll that showed Reid up. ("Yippee!" you could almost hear the editors say.) Subsequent polls that showed Angle tied or, now, up, just don’t get reported, much less bannered. ("Boo! the editors scared of losing their jobs said, as the Sun takes a butcher’s knife to its newsroom.)

Ralston, meanwhile, tries to discount the polls that don’t show his candidate winning. His kick now is that "private" polls are more reliable than "public" polls. Really? The "private" polls are never disclosed, of course. We just have to take his word for it. How convenient.

Meanwhile, people who seriously and independently want to know what’s going on have to look elsewhere. And elsewhere, the polls seem to be moving Angle’s way. I’d say the race is still nip-and-tuck, unless we see a few more polls that show a continuation of that trend. But let’s not forget, fellow voters, the only definitive poll is the one taken on Election Day. So please, no matter your political stripe, get out and vote.

Here’s the new CNN/Time poll that shows Angle up 42-40.

And here’s the latest poll, a Rasmussen Reports poll, that has Angle up 50-46. It’s the first time in a while that Angle and topped the magic number of 50 in Rasmussen polling. But, of course, don’t expect to see any of this in the Sun. I suspect they are too busy working with Reid friends for some kind of last-ditch story/column or front-page editorial they hope will drag their tired candidate over the finish line. They did it with Clinton. they did it the last time Reid ran. And you can set your watch to them doing it again.

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