Be not afraid, New York, we can still safely try KSM in Manhattan

Well, those who said it would be perfectly safe to try KSM, the mastermind behind 9/11, in mid-town Manhattan (including the Obama Administration and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg) are no doubt singing a different tune today as details unfold on the attempted car bombing in Times Square over the weekend.

As a flashback to the Obama-style thinking, consider this piece in the Atlantic in which Andrew Cohen, legal analyst for CBS News, penned this in February:

"KSM and his ilk need to be processed and prosecuted; their legal stories need to end; the world needs to see that we can fairly try even our worst enemies. Sorry, you supporters of military tribunals, you had your chance for nearly eight years to get it right. And through your own greed you failed. It’s time for a change. And the quickest way to accomplish the goal is by holding a federal civilian trial near Ground Zero.

"Be not afraid, New York; the truth shall set all of us free, all of us except for Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, that is."

Well, what say ye now, Mr. Cohen? How about you, Eric Holder? And most importantly, how about you, President Obama?

Isn’t it way, way past time to send KSM to GITMO (which is still open, BTW, and should be until the war is over) for a military trial?

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